Monday, October 04, 2010

National Park Service Attacks Conservative Media For "Misrepresenting" The Messy "One (Communist) Nation" Rally

The National Park Service is becoming a political tool, under the Obama Regime, as NPS spokesmouth Bill Lane is attacking critics of the One (Communist) Nation rally for the trash they left behind (h/t Kristinn at FR).

National Park Service spokesman Bill Line has lashed out at conservative critics of the trashing of the National Mall by attendees of the leftist One Nation Working Together rally held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

The Park Service is part of the Interior Department which is headed up by Obama appointee, former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar (Dem.-CO).

Line spoke to the Daily Caller, in an unprecedented protest of coverage by the Caller and other conservative news sites and blogs that criticized the One Nation Rally for the large amounts of trash left at the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial and Memorial Bridge near Arlington Cemetery.

Line's statements are contradicted by a Park Ranger filmed at the Lincoln Memorial after the rally ended who said the trash was the worst he had seen. The Ranger noted the conservative Restoring Honor Rally held on August 28 by Glenn Beck was cleaned up by its participants who left the trash bagged and piled for pick up.

Line's comments from the Caller:

“I consider [The Daily Caller’s article] to be highly inaccurate,” said a very forceful NPS spokesman, Bill Line.

“To imply that this past weekend’s event is more dirty, contains more trash or is filthier than any other demonstration is not grounded in reality.”

“This trash you have on [TheDC’s] front page could be found at any other large rally that has happened previously at the Mall and could happen in the future,” said Line.

Line said the garbage at the “One Nation” rally was no different than any other rally. Trash, it seems, is apolitical.

“It is common, typical, regular ordinary, commonplace. You get the idea?” said Line. “It’s very commonplace with ANY rally, march demonstration, anywhere on the Mall where you have large numbers of people.”

The Caller also spoke with a spokesman for the One Nation Rally, Flo McAfee who said the group wanted to leave the Mall as they found it.

“In putting all this together we very much worked hand in hand with the park service because we wanted to follow the guidelines and respect the grounds also,” said McAfee. “You know, those moments are our moments just like it’s everyone in the nation so we wanted to make sure it was left as we found it.”
The Caller quoted an unnamed clean up person:

They should have planned more,” said the only person TheDC could find cleaning up on the Mall on Sunday. “There should have been a clean-up crew.”

The man, who didn’t want to be identified by name, went on to say that he also helped clean up after Fox host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August and said there was a distinct difference in how much trash was on the Mall after that rally and the state of the Mall after the “One Nation” rally.

“I was at the other one too,” he said. “So I’ve seen both. I know the difference.”
On Saturday evening, I posted photos I took of trash from the rally, not only at the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, but stacks of empty union-paid for boxed lunches on the Memorial Bridge, as well as flyers and placards on the National Mall and Smithsonian area.

Other bloggers posted similar photos and videos, and one even filmed debris at the National World War II Memorial.

Here's a video found at Ironic Surrealism of a Park Ranger cleaning the Lincoln Memorial, and saying how different it was from the Restoring Honor rally.

I also need mention that rally participants did not do a good job of obeying crosswalk signs. Mrs. MIM and I were in town during the day, and long lines of participants crossed the street, even when the "Don't Walk" sign was lit. As opposed to Glenn Beck's rally, there were no volunteers to control foot traffic crossing the street.

Kristinn also notes at FR:

Conservatives have been holding rallies on a regular basis on the National Mall since Free Republic's October 31, 1998 rally to impeach Bill Clinton, called the March for Justice. I was a part of the rally and subsequent ones by the Second Amendment Sisters, the D.C. Chapter of, Support Our Troops and Their Mission Weekend, and the Gathering of Eagles. We always left the rally sites cleaner than we found them. The tea party rallies and Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally have also left their rally sites pristine. ...I cannot remember the Park Service lashing out at critics of a rally like they have with the One Nation Rally.
Indeed, in all the Tea Party rallies and other conservative events I've participated in while living in the DC area, all of us "right winger" who supposedly hate the environment so much were careful to dispose of our garbage. I've never seen the filth I saw at the One Communist Nation rally after a Tea Party, a Support the Troops rally, or Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" event.

But is there any surprise about the forceful reply from the government bureaucrat Bill Line? After all, remember that Obama's Astroturf organization, Organizing for America, endorsed the commie-fest.

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