Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“Marooned”…In The Land Of Maroon. Texas GOP Candidates Target Obama Agenda While Democrats Haul Ass Away From It

As I mentioned on Thursday, I was in “Aggieland,” or College Station, TX...

Landing at College Station's Easterwood Airport

....where I had a family reunion over the weekend and visited Texas A&M University.

Kyle Field..."Home of the 12th Man"

As well as the George Bush (41) Presidential Library. In between the sightseeing, visiting with family, and the (much missed) dining on Tex Mex and Whataburger, I also got a chance to view the political climate in Texas in the homestretch to the mid-term election being held next week.

From the political ads I saw on the College Station and Waco, TX TV outlets, there is a huge backlash against the Obama, Pelosi, Reid far-Left agenda one doesn’t see in similar ads near the Beltway.

Here’s an ad from A&M alumni Bill Flores, tying current Rep. Chet Edwards to the Obama Administration.

It isn’t just at the national level either. Since the Obama agenda threatens the states, various office holders in the state are campaigning against it.

Like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott:

and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst:

But what is funny is how supposed “moderate” Democrat Rep. Chet Edwards, like other Democrats whose political existence is endangered, is trying to sound conservative in some ads, though he’s voted with Nancy Pelosi 96 percent of the time.

Edwards also is trying to tar and feather his opponent, Bill Flores, with being bailed out by taxpayers, in addition to using the usual lib scare tactics about privatizing Socialist Security against senior citizens against Flores.

Even Texas Gubernatorial candidate Bill White, the Democrat former mayor of Houston, tried to link Gov. Rick Perry to Obama in ads, although White has not so colorful record when he ran the sanctuary City of Houston.

White even skipped a couple of fundraisers Obama held in the Lone Star State.

If you want to get a pulse of how the Heartland outside of the West Coast, the Beltway and New York thinks of the Obama Agenda, spend a weekend in Texas for a good barometer of the electorate.

And (at least as they say in College Station) "Gig 'em," Texas conservatives!

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Deekaman said...

Fight! Farmers,Farmers Fight!

God I miss Texas. Enough that I even miss burnt orange.