Saturday, October 09, 2010

Freepers Defend Arlington Cemetery From Phelps WBC Scum

Our friends from the DC Chapter of went out last Wednesday and defended Arlington National Cemetery from the scum known as Fred Phelps' Westboro Cult. (Photos below)

Freeper Trooprally wrote:
The WBC “one branch family tree” morons had a boot load of misfits. They were all in town for Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing. They have a lot to lose so they came out in force. They received the normal reaction from passer-bys, disgusted looks, one finger salutes and a lot of verbal harassment from our Vietnam Vets.
Verbal harassment and one-finger salutes which are much deserved, I might add.

The Phelps Kultish Klan of Inbreds
The Phelps cult is being sued by the parent of a fallen soldier for their vulgar protests outside the funerals of our fallen. The Supreme Court is currently hearing the case.

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