Sunday, October 03, 2010

Female Human Events Reporter Assaulted By Liberal At "One (Communist) Nation" Rally

Remember how Ben Jealous of the NAACCP and other liberals have accused the Tea Party of violence, hate and racism?

Someone call Jealous because here's proof of liberal violence at yesterday's One Communist Nation rally. A protester assaults a female reporter at Human Events and even calls her a "bitch."

Unlike the alleged "extremism" of the Tea Party, this is caught on tape too.

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Wraith said...

Well, this is obviously completely the reporter's fault. How dare she think she can photograph people out in the open at a public event? It almost seems like she thinks there's still a First Amendment or something. Who does she think she is?


One tends to wonder what the psycho's issue is. You're out supporting what you believe to be a "good cause," right? So, what do you have to hide? Why are you so frightened of having your picture taken? Why is it that Tea Partiers are out there in the open, unmasked, with their families...while leftist protests seem to feature an inordinate amount of masks, big sunglasses and intimidating thugs? Why IS that?

MiM, I'm proud to add you to my blogroll. My little corner of cyberspace may be small and insignificant, but it's the best compliment I can offer.