Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Death To Right Wing Extremists"....And They Call This "Restoring Sanity?"

I found this photo off Newsbusters posting on Facebook, at the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert "Restoring Insanity" rally today.

I'd hate to find out what they consider death is in a mean way.

Another one posted by a Facebook friend...I'll bet you won't hear about these comparisons to Hitler like the lapdog media complaints about the radical Lyndon LaRouche cultists who infiltrate Tea Parties. Note that one of those pictured in these posters, Eric Cantor, is Jewish, and yet is being compared to a madman who exterminated six million Jews.

Even "Jihad" Gerry Connolly is using this farce on the DC Mall for ads on Facebook.

And yet Stewart and Colbert claimed this was not supposed to be a political rally? The whole point of their exercise in self-indulgence was to mock the real grassroots uprising of the Tea Party. Why? Because as elitist liberals in the entertainment community, the Tea Party is a threat. It is an intrusion on the field they have owned for the last forty plus years--large demonstrations and marches.

Ever notice that when the Leftists interrupted speakers, threw pies at political opponents or did any number of other things, it was called "dissent." When citizens raised their voices at out of control spending, having government run health-care shoved down their throats, among others, it's called "lack of civility," "violence," "hate speech."

My friend Skye was in town and took photos at her blog. Here's a couple she took:

Peophiles: That's sane?

More liberal misogyny...

(because it's probably the only sex the poor woman above gets!)

Donald Douglas at American Power has more photos as well, including one showing Islamofascist Yusaf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) with Ozzy Osbourne.

Here's more photos from Communists 4 Obama:

9/11 Truthers & Islamofascist deniers.
One thing the Left succeeded at doing today was drawing a bigger crowd than the Union funded, NAACCP communist rally earlier this month. It was easy to draw a couple hundred thousand people when you have rotten comedians, rotten music, the chance to score some free dope, booze and tail for the evening.

And if this many people take Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert seriously as information sources....God help us!

In closing, here's a comparison of the Liberal rally today with Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor on August 28th.

And while Glenn Beck's rally was one you could take the whole family to, that was not the case for the liberal's Restoring Insanity Rally today. Check out the viewer warning.

Tells an awful lot.


Deekaman said...

Many years ago, Rush made the point that, the closer the Leftists come to losing power, the more desperate they become. We are seeing some serious desperation.

Anonymous said...

You're insane. We have fun and joke. We all seriously think that things need to change. Conservatives go about it with hatred and anger, and the Daily show crowd just pokes fun. All these signs are light-hearted humor. And so what if its not family friendly ... Beck is way more dangerous than Stewart.