Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can Patrick Murray Pull It Off In VA 8th & Retire Jim Moron?

All around the Reston area today, I've seen a plethora of Patrick Murray signs. I don't know what the polls are saying about him, but juding from his website, he's getting out there, and hopefully can retire Jim "the Moron" Moran.

While I was in Texas over the weekend, I saw Alexandria VA's pugilistic town drunk (and anti-Semite) in Congress took a swipe at Murray's service to our nation, implying that military service was not public service.

What they (Republicans) do is that they find candidates..usually stealth candidates that haven't been in office, haven't served or performed in any public service. My opponent is typical, frankly. And of course for 24 years he's taken a government check, because of course, the military is still part of the federal government, and yet his principle platform is to cut government spending.
Murray held a press conference yesterday, along with veterans in the District, telling Moron that his comments were offensive to those who served.

“Let Jim Moran come with us to Arlington National Cemetery and let him tell family members of the military men and women buried there that their loved one did not perform public service for our Nation.” Murray said.

Speaking to the crowd of veterans gathered at Murray’s campaign headquarters, former prisoner of war Lt. Col. Tom Hanlon, USAF (Ret.) said “It’s insulting to me to have a person representing us in Congress who does and says these kinds of things denigrating the members of the military.” Hanlon was imprisoned as a POW by North Vietnam at the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

Among the veterans at the news conference was also former Naval aviator, Capt. Charles “Sneakers” Nesby, USN (Ret.). Nesby is a former Asst. Secretary of Department of Veteran Affairs. This tells us where Jim Moran stands. He has done this before.”
The Virginia GOP also released this ad:

RetireJimMoran also notes that our friends at Move America Forward and Combat Veterans for Congress condemned Moron.
MAF PAC said, “The statement shocked and offended millions of veterans around the country as well as patriots who all agree that military service is a more pure and essential public service than being a politician.”

Combat Veterans for Congress said, “We will not sit idly by as Patrick Murray’s 24-year record of honorable public service is dismissed…The American people should retire an irresponsible Congressmen like Jim Moran who has has no regard for military service. He has no right to dismiss Col Patrick Murray’s, service to his country as insignificant. As Veterans of every major conflict, we demand a public apology from Rep. Jim Moran.”
RJM also is holding a Retire Jim Moran Weekend this Saturday, October 30. Northern Virginia needs Moron, along with "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, retired from Congress a week from today.

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