Saturday, October 30, 2010

See BS Lies Again, Comparing Beck vs. Comedy Central Rallies

See BS - Pioneers in "fake but accurate" news reporting (h/t
An estimated 215,000 people attended a rally organized by Comedy Central talk show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News.

The company based the attendance at the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on aerial pictures it took over the rally, which took place on the Mall in Washington. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 10 percent.

CBS News also commissioned to do a crowd estimate of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in August. That rally was estimated to have attracted 87,000 people. Amid criticism from conservatives that the estimate was low, CBS News detailed the methodology behind it here (we're liberals who hate conservatives).
Let me help See BS out in comparing the two rallies.

Beck's was clearly bigger and took more space.

The only rally that Stewart/Colbert can accurately claim to be bigger than is the Communist "One Trashy Nation" earlier this month.

"Death To Right Wing Extremists"....And They Call This "Restoring Sanity?"

I found this photo off Newsbusters posting on Facebook, at the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert "Restoring Insanity" rally today.

I'd hate to find out what they consider death is in a mean way.

Another one posted by a Facebook friend...I'll bet you won't hear about these comparisons to Hitler like the lapdog media complaints about the radical Lyndon LaRouche cultists who infiltrate Tea Parties. Note that one of those pictured in these posters, Eric Cantor, is Jewish, and yet is being compared to a madman who exterminated six million Jews.

Even "Jihad" Gerry Connolly is using this farce on the DC Mall for ads on Facebook.

And yet Stewart and Colbert claimed this was not supposed to be a political rally? The whole point of their exercise in self-indulgence was to mock the real grassroots uprising of the Tea Party. Why? Because as elitist liberals in the entertainment community, the Tea Party is a threat. It is an intrusion on the field they have owned for the last forty plus years--large demonstrations and marches.

Ever notice that when the Leftists interrupted speakers, threw pies at political opponents or did any number of other things, it was called "dissent." When citizens raised their voices at out of control spending, having government run health-care shoved down their throats, among others, it's called "lack of civility," "violence," "hate speech."

My friend Skye was in town and took photos at her blog. Here's a couple she took:

Peophiles: That's sane?

More liberal misogyny...

(because it's probably the only sex the poor woman above gets!)

Donald Douglas at American Power has more photos as well, including one showing Islamofascist Yusaf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) with Ozzy Osbourne.

Here's more photos from Communists 4 Obama:

9/11 Truthers & Islamofascist deniers.
One thing the Left succeeded at doing today was drawing a bigger crowd than the Union funded, NAACCP communist rally earlier this month. It was easy to draw a couple hundred thousand people when you have rotten comedians, rotten music, the chance to score some free dope, booze and tail for the evening.

And if this many people take Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert seriously as information sources....God help us!

In closing, here's a comparison of the Liberal rally today with Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor on August 28th.

And while Glenn Beck's rally was one you could take the whole family to, that was not the case for the liberal's Restoring Insanity Rally today. Check out the viewer warning.

Tells an awful lot.

More Liberal Misogyny: Sign At San Francisco Restuarant "F**k Whitman & Fiorina"

The so-called tolerant Left is at it again. (Bookroom Worm).

This vulgar sign, spotted in San Francisco above a prominent restaurant at the corner of Kearney and Broadway, raises the same question one more time:
Why must the Left continue to demean female conservative candidates? How desperate is the Left?

To help answer the question, here’s some insight from a licensed psychotherapist who wrote on this very topic after observing the Left’s attacks on Sarah Palin two years ago:

As every woman knows, leering looks, lurid words, and veiled threats are intended to evoke terror. Sexual violence is a form of terrorism. In the wilding of Sarah Palin, the Left shows its true colors. Rather than shield the vulnerable, Leftists will mow down any man, woman, or child who gets in their way.
The idiot responsible for the sign is J. Tony Serra, a noted radical left-wing lawyer whose clients have included Black Panthers, as well as murderer Kathleen Solijah and Russell Little of the 1970s Bay Area left wing terrorist group Symbionese Liberation Army.

NOW was unavailable for comment.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Congressional Staff Member Spams Blogs Carrying Video Of Congresswoman Removing "Under God" From Pledge

Gate at NorCal Blogs posted a video the other day showing Congresswoman Betty McCollum leading the Pledge of Allegiance but removing the words "under God" from the pledge.

McCollum went on the attack, claiming conservatives and Tea Party members are inciting hate, racism (she's white), and intolerance.

But one member of the Congressional Staff has apparently been spamming blogs that have been carrying the story.

Then today I was given some information about a certain individual who has been making the rounds on the internet and spamming the blogs that have carried the video and written about Betty's disrespect for the pledge. This individual is using the name MN04, but the email address is ( ) a government address. So now we have a United States Congresswoman's campaign staff using official government equipment to attack citizens while doing damage control. Below is the comment that has been left on thousands of sites that posted the video of her disrespecting the Pledge of Allegiance on the floor of the Peoples House.

"Congresswoman McCollum has led the Pledge of Allegiance on the House floor several times before. Check out It's all there."

For any tech savvy individuals out there, here is the IP address { }
from the computer that sent the damage control comment. It seems to have come straight from her Washington DC House of Representative office.

So there's your tax dollars hard at work.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shooting At Chantilly, VA Marine Corps Recruiting Station Related To Pentagon, Marine Corps Museum Shootings - UPDATE: USMC Museum Struck Again

CNSNews, via Weasel Zippers.
The FBI says the same gun was used to shoot at the Pentagon, a Marine Corps museum and a vacant Marine recruiting station in northern Virginia.

Officials say evidence from the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Va., links all three after-hours shootings.

No one was injured in any of the shootings, which all involved shots fired into vacant parts of the buildings. Investigators haven't determined a motive or identified a suspect.

Shots were fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on Oct. 17. Two days later, bullet holes were found in the Pentagon.

Shots were also fired at a Marine Corps recruiting station in Chantilly, Va., late Monday night or early Tuesday.
And a related Fox News story says extra police officers will be on hand for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Sunday.

Which reminds me. Some commenter (probably a military hating hippie dope smoker) decided to speculate that the shooter is probably a "Section 8" Marine who is doing the shooting. I'm not willing to speculate now, though I have some suspicions based on past acts which I will keep to myself.

UPDATE: The Marine Corps Museum was shot at again overnight.

Patrick Murray Brings Bus Tour To Reston, VA For His Congressional Campaign

Patrick Murray, the Republican candidate for the Virginia Eighth District Congressional Seat held by anti-military Democrat Jim Moron Moran, made several stops this morning in Reston, VA on his bus tour across the district.

Since I was in the area of one of his stops, I took the following photos and met up with Murray before an Eat & Greet appearance at Primo Italiano restaurant in the Plaza America Shopping Center (and I highly recommend their food!).

Murray told me that the race is close and he's looking for every vote he can get. His name and the Eighth District race has been in the headlines recently after Moran slandered Murray and every other veteran of the US Military, saying their service was not public service.

The fact that Murray is walking the pavement and pounding the flesh of residents tells me a lot about him, and his determination to win. I was impressed too that he'd remembered meeting Mrs. MIM earlier this summer.

If you are in the Eighth District and know someone who is also a registered voter, by all means, let's retire Jim Moran and replace him with Patrick Murray, who I can tell will make a good Congressman and be a leader for Northern Virginia.

Anniversary of "Redezvous With Destiny": A Speech Relevant Today As It Was In 1964

Yesterday was the anniversary of a speech that launched a political career and the rise of a man who is probably the greatest President of the Twentieth Century, if not my lifetime (hat tip Sarah Palin).

Today is the 46th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “A Time for Choosing.”

The thing that struck me as I watched it again was how relevant its message still is for today’s America. Just as in 1964, we have a president who says “we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people.” And just as then, we hear the voices of those on the left who claim the profit motive has become “outdated” and the Constitution “outmoded.” Back then liberals aimed to build a Great Society in which the state looked after us “from the cradle to the grave.” Today’s “fundamental transformation” doesn’t have a similarly catchy name, but its aims are no different from those of Johnson’s central planners.

And so once again we face an election in which the fundamental issue is “whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”

Reagan believed that in the end, Americans would always choose liberty over tyranny. He called it our “destiny,” our American birth right. Well, this coming Tuesday, you and I have another rendezvous with destiny. America, let’s go and win one for the Gipper.

Obama Meets With "Dirty Work" Blogger/Donor At White House

More great work by Kristinn at, a story you won't see in your local newspaper or network news.
Barack Obama met at the White House Wednesday with five progressive bloggers for a group interview. One of the bloggers, Joe Sudbay, was a 2008 Obama presidential campaign donor and fundraiser who did secret "dirty work" for the Obama campaign. Also invited for the session was John Amato of Crooks & Liars, Oliver Willis of, Barbara Morrill of DailyKos, and Duncan Black (aka Atrios) of Eschaton.

Bloggers (left to right) Joe Sudbay, Barbara Morrill, John Amato, Oliver Willis, and Duncan Black.

Sudbay, of the homosexual-oriented Americablog, is recorded by the FEC as having donated $1400 to Obama for America in 2008. His partner at Americablog, John Aravosis, wrote that he and Sudbay raised "nearly $43,000 for Obama.

As was first reported on Free Republic back in August, Aravosis had an online tantrum at Obama on Americablog after White House spokesman Robert Gibbs attacked inside the beltway progressive critics of Obama.

Aravosis let slip that he and Sudbay had been asked by the Obama campaign to perform unspecified surreptitious "dirty work." And that they had done so "gladly."

Screengrab by Gateway Pundit.

Joe and I are upset with Obama, and we, for example, raised nearly $43,000 for the man, According to the White House, our money now doesn’t count. Great, would they like to give it back? I for one, would love the $1000 back that I personally donated to the Obama campaign. Joe gave even more. I suspect a lot of our readers wouldn’t mind their contributions back too, since apparently they’re not appreciated.

Then there’s all that work we did for the campaign, all the dirty work they asked us to do – and we did it, gladly, and quietly – none of that counted either, apparently.
--Americablog, August 10, 2010.

The White House transcript of the session with the bloggers shows Sudbay obsessed with 'gay' issues. Neither he nor Obama bring up the "dirty work" he performed for the campaign.

Will the White House press corps demand the Obama administration come clean on the president's relationship with Sudbay and Aravosis and what was the "dirty work" the duo performed for Obama?

We know what the answer would be if the president was George W. Bush.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Footage Shows Why Paid Left-Wing Agitator Lauren Valle Was Restrained By Rand Paul Supporters

Of course, the same liberal media who said Shirley Sherrod was taken out of context won't show this footage.

You can see paid Left-wing agitator Lauren Valle try to stick her sign into the front of the car, where Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate Rand Paul was sitting.

Now, maybe stepping on her shoulder was over the line, but a lone nut getting this close to a candidate with God knows what?

White Southern Baptist Muslim Man Arrested In Terror Plot Against DC Metro

For those in denial, the threat is still out there (WTOP).
A Virginia (Muslim) man was arrested Wednesday and charged with trying to help people he believed were al-Qaida operatives planning to bomb Metro stations around the nation's capital, the FBI said.

The targeted sites included the Crystal City, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery and Courthouse Metro stations, along with at least one other.

The FBI said the public was never in danger because its agents were aware of the man's activities before the alleged planning took place and monitored him throughout. Metro also said riders were never in danger during the investigation.

Farooque Ahmed, 34, a naturalized citizen born in Pakistan, had been indicted under seal Tuesday in Alexandria, Va., and the indictment was released Wednesday. He was charged with attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, collecting information to assist in planning a terrorist attack on a transit facility, and attempting to provide material support to carry out multiple bombings to cause mass casualties at Washington-area Metro stations. Ahmed lives in Ashburn, Va., outside Washington.

Federal investigators said that, starting in April, Ahmed met several times with people he believed were al-Qaida operatives. During one of those meetings, investigators said, he agreed to watch and photograph a hotel in Washington and a Metro station in Arlington, Va. He also was accused of participating in surveillance, recording video of a Metro station in Arlington on four different occasions and agreeing to get security information about two stations.

Investigators said in a Sept. 28 meeting he gave diagrams of Arlington Metro stations to a person he thought was part of al-Qaida and gave suggestions about where to put explosives on trains to kill the most people in simultaneous attacks planned for 2011.

Investigators also said while in a Herndon, Va. hotel room on or about Sept. 28, Ahmed handed a USB drive containing images of two Metrorail stations in Arlington to an individual whom he believed to be affiliated with al-Qaida.
The Islamofascist terror deniers at NPR, as well as Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy "Saggy Butt" Behar were unavailable for comment. MSNBC host Contessa Brewer is probably sad the person arrested turned out to be a Muslim.

Shots Fired At Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly, VA: Pentagon & Quantico Shootings Linked

Coming the same day as shootings earlier this month at the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico, VA and Pentagon were linked, is news that another shooting happened at a Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly, VA (Stars & Stripes, via This Ain't Hell).

Shots were fired at this Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly, VA sometime Monday or Tuesday (image from

The FBI believes recent shootings at the Pentagon and National Museum of the Marine Corps are linked, and investigators are looking into a third shooting at a Marine recruiting station in a Virginia suburb of Washington to see whether it was related.

“Investigative evidence has confirmed that shots fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Va., and the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., involved a single weapon,” a bureau news release said. “Ballistics testing is underway for an overnight shooting that took place on Oct. 25 or Oct. 26 at the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly, Va.”

The FBI declined to release further information, such as the type of weapon or caliber of ammunition used “to preserve the integrity of investigative efforts.”

The museum was hit first, early on Oct. 17, when several shots were fired, some of which hit windows, police said. No one was in the building at the time.

The Pentagon shooting happened two days later. At least six shots were fired, two of
which hit exterior windows, Steven E. Calvery, head of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, said in an Oct. 20 statement.

Then police were called on Tuesday morning to the recruiting station in Chantilly, were two bullets hit a window and a third hit an adjacent business, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

Here's the latest from Channel 7 news:

No advisories, suspects or type of weapon have been announced by authorities.

Moran the Moron Won't Apologize For Insulting Military Veterans

From Danny at Move America Forward PAC comes this: the Alexandria, VA town drunk in Congress actually defended his statement from last week that military service is not public service.
Yesterday, (Jim) Moran DEFENDED his outrageous and insulting statements, saying that he was talking about public services that specifically target Virginia, “a civic association, (parent-teacher association), or a non-profit charitable group” as he listed the different groups he considered “public servants”.

Not to take anything away from PTAs and charitable organizations but you’ll agree with us when we say that defending our country from enemies like Al Qaeda and The Taliban is much more a vital public service that benefits all Americans (including Virginians) than a neighborhood watch or Rotary Club that organizes a public park cleanup.

We applaud those organizations, but it’s nothing like what our troops do for us, safeguarding our freedoms and keeping us safe from those that would do us harm! Jim Moran is saying that serving on the PTA is more of a "public service" than serving in Afghanistan!

...Patrick Murray, the immediate target of Moran’s attacks, defended himself and his fellow veterans, saying "This kind of disrespect to our service members not only offends me, but is insensitive to the sacrifices made by our dedicated military families as well."

Colonel Patrick Murray is a 24 year Army Veteran who comes from a military family. His father served in WWII before Patrick joined the ROTC program in college. After graduating he became an officer in the Army and went on to serve in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and many other places. He served in Iraq as part of The Surge that changed the course of the war there, and in doing so, the course of history.
These kinds of statements are par for the course for Jim Moron. He's also made various anti-Semitic statements, was listed as an invited guest at a fundraiser earlier this year for the Falls Church mosque formerly led by Anwar al Awlaki, and involved in numerous assaults, as well as an outburst towards a Catholic priest after Mass.

Jim Moron is an embarrassment to Northern Virginia and the United States. He has to go.

Patrick Murray's website.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“Marooned”…In The Land Of Maroon. Texas GOP Candidates Target Obama Agenda While Democrats Haul Ass Away From It

As I mentioned on Thursday, I was in “Aggieland,” or College Station, TX...

Landing at College Station's Easterwood Airport

....where I had a family reunion over the weekend and visited Texas A&M University.

Kyle Field..."Home of the 12th Man"

As well as the George Bush (41) Presidential Library. In between the sightseeing, visiting with family, and the (much missed) dining on Tex Mex and Whataburger, I also got a chance to view the political climate in Texas in the homestretch to the mid-term election being held next week.

From the political ads I saw on the College Station and Waco, TX TV outlets, there is a huge backlash against the Obama, Pelosi, Reid far-Left agenda one doesn’t see in similar ads near the Beltway.

Here’s an ad from A&M alumni Bill Flores, tying current Rep. Chet Edwards to the Obama Administration.

It isn’t just at the national level either. Since the Obama agenda threatens the states, various office holders in the state are campaigning against it.

Like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott:

and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst:

But what is funny is how supposed “moderate” Democrat Rep. Chet Edwards, like other Democrats whose political existence is endangered, is trying to sound conservative in some ads, though he’s voted with Nancy Pelosi 96 percent of the time.

Edwards also is trying to tar and feather his opponent, Bill Flores, with being bailed out by taxpayers, in addition to using the usual lib scare tactics about privatizing Socialist Security against senior citizens against Flores.

Even Texas Gubernatorial candidate Bill White, the Democrat former mayor of Houston, tried to link Gov. Rick Perry to Obama in ads, although White has not so colorful record when he ran the sanctuary City of Houston.

White even skipped a couple of fundraisers Obama held in the Lone Star State.

If you want to get a pulse of how the Heartland outside of the West Coast, the Beltway and New York thinks of the Obama Agenda, spend a weekend in Texas for a good barometer of the electorate.

And (at least as they say in College Station) "Gig 'em," Texas conservatives!

Can Patrick Murray Pull It Off In VA 8th & Retire Jim Moron?

All around the Reston area today, I've seen a plethora of Patrick Murray signs. I don't know what the polls are saying about him, but juding from his website, he's getting out there, and hopefully can retire Jim "the Moron" Moran.

While I was in Texas over the weekend, I saw Alexandria VA's pugilistic town drunk (and anti-Semite) in Congress took a swipe at Murray's service to our nation, implying that military service was not public service.

What they (Republicans) do is that they find candidates..usually stealth candidates that haven't been in office, haven't served or performed in any public service. My opponent is typical, frankly. And of course for 24 years he's taken a government check, because of course, the military is still part of the federal government, and yet his principle platform is to cut government spending.
Murray held a press conference yesterday, along with veterans in the District, telling Moron that his comments were offensive to those who served.

“Let Jim Moran come with us to Arlington National Cemetery and let him tell family members of the military men and women buried there that their loved one did not perform public service for our Nation.” Murray said.

Speaking to the crowd of veterans gathered at Murray’s campaign headquarters, former prisoner of war Lt. Col. Tom Hanlon, USAF (Ret.) said “It’s insulting to me to have a person representing us in Congress who does and says these kinds of things denigrating the members of the military.” Hanlon was imprisoned as a POW by North Vietnam at the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

Among the veterans at the news conference was also former Naval aviator, Capt. Charles “Sneakers” Nesby, USN (Ret.). Nesby is a former Asst. Secretary of Department of Veteran Affairs. This tells us where Jim Moran stands. He has done this before.”
The Virginia GOP also released this ad:

RetireJimMoran also notes that our friends at Move America Forward and Combat Veterans for Congress condemned Moron.
MAF PAC said, “The statement shocked and offended millions of veterans around the country as well as patriots who all agree that military service is a more pure and essential public service than being a politician.”

Combat Veterans for Congress said, “We will not sit idly by as Patrick Murray’s 24-year record of honorable public service is dismissed…The American people should retire an irresponsible Congressmen like Jim Moran who has has no regard for military service. He has no right to dismiss Col Patrick Murray’s, service to his country as insignificant. As Veterans of every major conflict, we demand a public apology from Rep. Jim Moran.”
RJM also is holding a Retire Jim Moran Weekend this Saturday, October 30. Northern Virginia needs Moron, along with "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, retired from Congress a week from today.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Fires Juan Williams: Why the Denial About Muslims & Terrorism?

I'm writing this post while on a brief vacation in College Station, TX, where I arrived today, and the first news I heard today was the news about Juan Williams being fired from National Pinko Radio (NPR), for stating on the O'Reilly Factor this past Monday about Muslims in airports make him feel uneasy.

I just finished watching something on the local Bryan/College Station news about Maj. Nidal Hassan's (the Ft. Hood Jihadist) trial. What did Hassan have in common with the 9/11 hijackers?

Both yelled "Allah Akbar" when they committed their acts of terror.

I don't often agree with Juan Williams, but I understand how he feels. I've felt the same way when I fly. In fact, there was a guy on my flight from DC to Texas who acted in a manner that made me want to keep my eye on him. Guess what? He didn't look like a White, Southern Baptist.

The firing of Juan Williams and the uproar by the hadrians Joy "SBS" Behar and Whoopi Goldberg over Bill O'Reilly on The View are illustrative of this denial among many politically correct liberals who are dragging this nation to a national suicide. They don't want to admit Muslim complicity in most recent acts of terrorism because these holier than thou liberals are so guilty about racism they're afraid of being called "RAAAACIST." It doesn't help when Muslim grievance groups (CAIR) have spent the last nine years attacking people who want to fight Islamic extremism.

Not only should NPR be defunded, but Americans should not be shamed into feeling suspicious when they see certain behavior at airports which has been linked to terror acts. All it takes for another terror attack to succeed is one person who didn't speak up for fear of being branded a "racist" or "Islamophobe."

Gateway Pundit has video from tonight's "O'Reilly Factor."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"1773" & "Separation of Church & State" - Liberals Prove They Know Nothing About US History & Constitution

Blame liberals who've revamped Social Studies courses in public schools for the fact they don't know US History and the Constitution.

First example: Sarah Palin told supporters at a Tea Party Express rally not to "party like it's 1773" yet. Liberals who think Palin is the next illustration of their stereotype of the "dumb conservative bimbo" had a field day with the comment.

But the libs are the ones showing their ignorance. 1773 was the year of the original Boston Tea Party.

Then, it was time for the oh-so-tolerant Left to attack that other (in their eyes) dumb conservative broad, Christine O'Donnell, for "questioning" the concept of "separation of church and state."

Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell questioned on Tuesday whether the Constitution provides for the separation of church and state.

The comment came during a debate on WDEL radio with Democratic opponent Chris Coons, who argued that local schools should teach science rather than religion, at which point O’Donnell jumped in. “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” she asked.

The audience at Widener Law School was taken aback, with shouts of “whoa” and laughter coming from the crowd.
Well the joke's on you once again libs! Here's the First Amendment of the Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
"Separation of church and state?" I don't see it there. O'Donnell is right. The term Separation of Church and State originated in an 1802 letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, who were fearful of the establishment of the Congregationalist denomination as a national religion. The line in the Constitution was written so as to prevent just that: the establishment of a theocracy or national religion, as in England. The Founders never wanted to see religion divorced from the public life.

Contrast the mockery of O'Donnell but the crickets chirping when the liberal's intellectual giant Chris Coons couldn't even name the five freedoms enumerated in the First Amendment.

Hey libs, go back to the crayons!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fairfax County Board of Dhimmis Vote To Extend Lease of Islamic Saudi Academy

Just moments ago, the dhimmis who make up the Fairfax County Board of Stupidvisors voted to extend the lease of county property at Richmond Highway in Alexandria to the Islamic Saudi Academy.

Image created by Snapped Shot

The vote was not unanimous, as Supervisor John Cook of the Braddock District had offered a motion to delay action on the lease. Supervisor Pat Herrity supported Cook's motion, as he felt four years was too long for the next public hearing to be held on the issue of the property, adding there were still "a lot of unanswered questions" which needed answers.

The ISA has been a source of controversy in the county for the last few years. The 1999 valedictorian of the academy is in prison after being part of an al-Queda conspiracy to assassinate former President George W. Bush in 2005. A director of the ISA, Abdallah al-Shabnan, was arrested after the last board hearing on the lease in 2008, on charges of obstruction of justice in failing to comply with Virginia State law on a child abuse case.

Books used at the ISA have contained passages stating adulterers and converts from Islam could be killed. Other passages have stated, "the Jews conspired against Islam and its people" and permitted the taking of lives and property of polytheists. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recommended to the State Department in 2007 the school be shut down, but no action was taken.

All these concerns did not deter Mt. Vernon Stupidvisor Gerald Hyland, who said, "Other than the issues we had with text books and student in jail, this school has never been a problem it’s been considered an asset and a good neighbor." Hyland went even further, calling them "a darn good neighbor."

It must be noted that one of the votes against Cook's motion and for the approval of the lease extension was Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova. She was one of several Democrats who was listed as an invited guest at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center fundraiser, along with several other local Democrats, including DNC Chair Tim Kaine. Dar Al-Hijrah was where Anwar al-Awlaki, the Imam linked to two 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood Jihadist and the Christmas Day underwear bomber, was employed until 2002.

Once again, as seen in the last hearing on the lease in 2008 (in which then Supervisor and current Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly called opponents bigots), as well as the construction project on Pope's Head Road in 2009, the liberal dhimmis on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are turning a blind eye to possible extremism at this Saudi-funded madrassa, where school directors follow Shariah Law instead of Virginia law.

I wasn't able to make it to the meeting tonight, but I wonder if this scene may have been repeated in the lobby of the Fairfax County Government Center.

This was from last July, during the public hearing by the board over the ISA project on Popes Head Road.

UPDATE: Bearing Drift was there and liveblogged through the hearing. BD described the audience as "overwhelmingly anti-ISA lease renewal." Some of the comments made to the board:

Jim Lafferty (Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force): ...(I) have spoken on many occasions on the lease of the ISA. The way they structured these hearings, the BOS gets to speak after public comment. First, Chairman Connolly introduced a man that was supposed to be an example of the high quality of the ISA. This individual was arrested in June 2008 for failing to report an incident of child sexual abuse at the ISA. The interesting point to make is that this person followed Shariah law — not Virginia law. That’s why we don’t like ISA — it teaches by Shariah, and promotes Shariah. Defines right according to religion and gender. Muslim males are given higher precedence. In America, everyone is equal. From this sort of teaching flows sedition, and that’s what the ISA brings. The Fairfax BOS is well aware of those who attend: photographing bridges and threatening to assassinate the President. Get as tough with these people as you are with those who aren’t cleaning their front yards!

Denise Lee: What’s it going to take for the Fairfax BOS to do the will of the people, and not just those who are members of a special interest group with deep pockets? ...Met a former ISA teacher who is scared to death and is terrified that he will be put to death for what I am about to tell you. He says it doesn’t matter if you remove what’s in the textbook. The teachers at the ISA have the lessons down pat. Children were singing songs of killing Christians. When the teacher who was a Christian complained, the children responded that they would not kill him, but just all the other Christians. ...We have asked politely to shut down the ISA, members of your board have ignored and even maligned us. We’ve asked, implored, and begged. Now we’re telling you. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.


The final vote was six to four, with Supervisors Frey, Cook, Herrity, and Smyth dissenting.

After Cutting $500 Billion From Medicare To Pay For Obamacare, Democrats Want To Bribe Seniors $250 To Vote For Them

Showing signs of desperation two weeks before Election Day on November 2, Democrats are resorting to the bribe, in order to try and stem off what is appearing to be a tidal wave against them (Associated with Obama Press).
Democrats are making a pre-election pitch to give Social Security recipients a one-time payment of $250, part of a larger effort to convince senior voters that their party, and not Republicans, will best look out for the 58 million people who get the government retirement and disability benefits.

The $250 check is meant to make up for a second year without a cost-of-living increase due to low inflation.

President Barack Obama has urged Congress to approve the $250 payment. House and Senate Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say they will bring up the legislation when lawmakers return for the lame-duck session in November. In the meantime, Democrats are using the proposal to augment their campaign pitch that Republicans would undermine Social Security.

"Instead of helping seniors," Pelosi's office said, "Republicans, backed by their allies on Wall Street, are threatening to privatize and cut Social Security, just as they tried to do under President Bush."
Not only are we close to Election Day, but the Democrats second favorite Holiday (Halloween) is around the corner, because Nancy's putting on her mask and trying to scare seniors into voting for her party. Nancy won't tell you that the privatizing Socialist Security plan applies only to younger workers and it is their choice (I thought liberals were "pro-choice").

For all the Democrats' fear mongering of seniors that the mean old GOP is going to kick them out of their homes and cut Socialist Security, keep in mind it was DEMOCRATS who voted not only to cut $500 BILLION from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, but blocked Republican efforts to prevent those cuts from happening.

Nancy, you're so full of crap the stench can be smelled all the way from San Franstinko. Two hundred and fifty dollars won't buy seniors a muffler for their car, let alone make up the money your party cut out of Medicare.

Communist Party Newspaper Urges Comrades Not To Sit Out Election & Vote For Democrats

Look who's throwing their weight behind Washington's Three Stooges of Obama, Pelosi & Reid--none other than the Communist Party USA (Peoples World, via
...If the Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives, that inch of difference (things like unemployment insurance extensions, food stamps, relief for local and state governments, modest jobs and infrastructure programs, readjustment of tax policy in favor of working people, funding for education, a real fight over military appropriations for Afghanistan) will probably vanish - along with hope for more far-reaching measures.

Furthermore, "austerity" will become the watchword, the pressures to weaken Social Security and Medicare will grow, and the economic pain for working people is likely to get much worse.

A second reason to vote is a little less obvious, but you don't have to know higher math to understand it: A Republican victory at the polls on Nov. 2 - defined as winning a majority of seats in the House - would be the opening act of a horror show, culminating in the Republican right reclaiming full dominance of Congress and the White House in 2012.

For the far right, electoral success in the current elections and then in 2012 is the eye of the needle through which it must past in order to radically transform the country to the advantage of the most reactionary section of monopoly capital and its allies,
motley and dangerous as they are.

No one on their side is going to stay home on Election Day. A "no show" is a "no-no" for them. Everyone is expected to march to the polls and bring others with them.

...Finally, a Republican victory this fall will not simply weaken the president and his party, but likely demoralize and take the wind out of the sails of the loose coalition that emerged in 2008 and after a post-election hiatus is finding its stride again, as evidenced by the Oct. 2 rally in the nation's capital.

...Then there are a few others who will sit these elections out for ideological reasons. They argue that participation in the two-party system spreads illusions about the Democratic Party, delaying the formation of an anti-capitalist alternative.

In their view, the elections are simply a contest between two parties with no differences of any importance; thus, it makes little, if any, difference who wins - Bush or Gore, Bush or Kerry, McCain or Obama, candidates of the right or candidates of the center and left of center.

Any even temporary and tactical alliance with the Democratic Party - well, it's worse than the plague, to be avoided at all costs. Support for a Democratic candidate as a "lesser evil" is tantamount to craven political bankruptcy and opportunism.

What is to be done? It's simple, say the advocates of this point of view: make a "strategic break" with the two-party system. But there is an oh-so slight hitch that serious progressive and left-thinking people can't afford to overlook.

A "strategic break" makes sense only if millions of people and their organizations are ready to march out of the Democratic Party into a labor/people-based political party, but guess what? They aren't.

Yes, many people stay home on Election Day, but it is not an expression of political acumen nor is it the majority. The most active layers of working people organize others to vote and vote themselves.

...The elections in less than three weeks, for good or bad, will mark a new phase in this process. No one with an iota of common sense will sit it out. Shoot yourself in the foot if you like, but don't do it on Nov. 2 because the buckshot will hit the rest of us!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Weeks After Their Trashy "One Nation" Rally, NAACCP To Play Race Card Against Tea Party (Again!)

Seriously, is this all they have to come up with, two weeks before Election Day?

The NAACCP, according to Democrat National Broadcasting Company's David Gregory, is going to release another "The Tea Party is a bunch of racist rednecks" report. (Newsbusters)
But, you know, it's--is that point, there are a lot of folks who, supported by the tea party, in the tea party, say, `Oh, there's a mainstream movement.' But there are others who say it is anything but. As a matter of fact, the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and the NAACP are releasing a report this coming week. And here it is, I'll show it on the screen. The "Tea Party Nationalism, a critical examination of the Tea Party movement and the size, scope and focus of its national factions." And there are some serious charges that I want you to respond to. "The result of this study contravenes many of the Tea Parties' self-invented myths, particularly their sole concentration on budget deficits, taxes, and the power of the federal government. Instead, this report found Tea Party ranks to be permeated with concerns about race and national identity and other so-called social issues. ... Tea party organization have given platforms to anti-Semites, racists and bigots, Further, hard-core white nationalists have been attracted to these protests, looking for potential recruits and hoping to push these (white) protestors toward a more self-conscious and ideological white supremacy." If you're senator, do you think these elements in the tea party need to be dealt with and need to be rebuffed?
Of course, being part of Obama's Lapdog Media, DNBC takes the NAACCP's allegations at face value, but does not want to examine that not only these allegations against the Tea Party are baseless, such as the alleged n-word/spitting incident on March 20th and which this blog was one of a few photographers who debunked this claim with video evidence.

But the Lapdog Media will not cover how the "Holier than Thou" NAACCP allied themselves with Communists, Socialists, terrorist supporters and racist organizations for the One Nation rally, who also proceeded to trash the National Mall, as well as Lincoln and World War II Memorials.

Here's some the photographic proof.

For all their allegations of Tea Party racism, Ben Jealous and the NAACCP also allied themselves at One Nation with National Council of La Raza (translated "the race"), well as International ANSWER and US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, two groups who have been listed in the top ten Anti-Israel groups in America, according to the Anti-Defamation League (not necessarily a right wing group).

Here's another anti-Israel sign (note how Israeli Industry is equated with Germany).
As for "white supremacy" card thrown out by the NAACCP, what about Black Liberation Theology and Black Nationalism? According to Discover the Networks--Leah Daughtry, Rosalyn Pelles and Michael McPhearson, who participated in organizing the rally, have links to Black Liberation Theology and the Black Radical Congress.

To further disappoint Ben Jealous, here's more proof that the Tea Party is not racist (The Daily Caller). So, we have more proof here that One Nation was more extreme, hateful and racist than the allegations made about the Tea Party.

Now, about the NAACCP's tax exempt status, especially since they've spent the last few years acting more like a Democrat Party front group than a civil rights organization.

Stories You Won't Find In Your Lapdog Media Channel Or Newspaper

In California, Arizona and Ohio, news about the "Code Pink Four" (Barbara Boxer, Henry "Nostrils" Waxman, "Reconquista" Raul Grijalva, and Dennis Kucinich), who aided and abetted the treason of Code Pinko, in giving $600,000 to Iraqis in Fallujah as they were fighting US Marines in the Second Battle of Fallujah (Gateway Pundit).

Democrat Congressman attacks a reporter and it's not news; yet when a reporter becomes violent and a Republican's officials restrain him, that's news, according to the New York Slimes (Legal Insurrection).

Meg Whitman's maid uses a false identification to hide she's in the country illegally...wall to wall media coverage. "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown, currently the highest law enforcement official in California, wants to give illegal aliens a college education (Chicks on the Right), and there's complete silence.

And still more Democrat Thuggery, as opponents of Democrat Governor Deval Patrick are assaulted (Solomonia).

You won't read about any of these stories in your local newspaper, or see them on NBC, See BS, ABC, CNN or MSNBC.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Appearance On The Alana Burke Show

I had the honor and privilege this morning of being a guest on The Alana Burke Show, on KNCR 1460 AM, located in the Mt. Shasta/Redding, CA area.

Here is Alana's website, you can listed to a podcast copy of the show, as well as other previous shows, on the Listen section of her website. She's a great host, and is on the air at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time, and if you're in the Redding area or want to listen to excellent talk radio on Saturday morning, you can listen to her live on the Internet as well.

We talked about a variety of topics, Barbara Boxer's assistance to Code Pinko in getting $600,000 in "aid" to terrorist insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq, the Chilean mine rescue, "Don't Ask/Don't Tell," and California's Proposition 19.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barbara Boxer Involved In Code Pinko's 2004 Act of Treason: Helping Get $600,000 In Aid To Insurgents In Fallujah

Those who've followed the vile terrorist apologists at Code Pinko have referenced their gift of $600,000 in aid to the terrorist insurgency stronghold of Fallujah, Iraq in late 2004.

Numerous accounts have referenced that Democrat Rep. Henry "Nostrils" Waxman aided in getting the "aid" through to Iraq. But Waxman wasn't the only Democrat who helped, according to the American Thinker.

Perhaps the most revealing window into Boxer's true feelings towards our military is her close alliance with Code Pink, a radical leftist group that reviles American troops as terrorists and assassins while praising their enemies as freedom fighters. For years, Code Pink has viciously harassed wounded veterans and their families outside Walter Reed Hospital, even telling the mother of a slain Navy Seal that her son "deserved to die." Code Pink actively supports terror groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

The Code Pink website repeatedly praises "our beloved Barbara Boxer." And why not? Boxer has worked with the group and supported its goals on many occasions. In early 2005, Boxer was the only member of the Senate to oppose certifying the Electoral College result that returned George Bush to office for a second term. Code Pink hosted rallies and participated in various demonstrations and marches to "defend democracy" against the results of the 2004 elections. They wrapped up the event at Senator Boxer's California office, "singing her songs of thanks."

Code Pink's leaders had just returned from Fallujah, Iraq, where 51 Americans had been killed and 560 wounded in the US Marines' heaviest urban combat since the Vietnam War. Code Pink delivered $600,000 in cash and supplies to the very insurgents the Marines had been fighting against - quite literally giving aid and comfort to America's enemies in a time of war. As noted in Islam Online, a diplomatic courtesy letter from Barbara Boxer helped make the trip possible.

Kristinn Taylor writes at this post at that there are two other Democrats involved--the loony Dennis Kookcinich of Ohio, and open borders extremist Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Incrimnating evidence against Boxer, et al, was taken off a website referencing their aid to Code Pinko, but not before it was saved on screenshot.

These four, in my mind are traitors as well as domestic enemies of the United States. They need to be defeated. So, if you're in California, please vote for Carly Fiorina for Senator and Ruth McClung in Arizona. Kookcinich's opponent is Peter J. Corrigan and Waxman's opponent is David Benning.

And, one of the first things a Republican Congress needs to do is hold Congressional investigations into groups like CAIR and Code Pinko, as well as the Democrats in Congress who aid them.

Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern: The Constitution Is Wrong

Video found at The Other McCain, this is Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern on the Citizen's United Supreme Court decision:

“We have a lousy Supreme Court decision that has opened the floodgates, and so we have to deal within the realm of constitutionality. And a lot of the campaign finance bills that we have passed have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. I think the Constitution is wrong. I don’t think that money is the same thing as human beings. I don’t think money equals free speech. I don’t think corporations should have the same equality as a regular voter in this district.”

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago's Lapdog Media Protects Rahm Emmanuel From Tough Questions

Dana Loesch at BigJournalism has the video (below) and story of WIND radio's William Kelly trying to ask Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel some tough questions when Chicago's lapdog media outlets come to Rahm's rescue.

Kelly was even threatened with violence from CBS Channel 2's Jay Levine.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Islamic Grievance Mongers CAIR To Ratchet Up Playing The "Islamophobia" Card

No wonder they didn't want any media inside their fundraiser/convention in Arlington this past weekend (CNSNews).
Spurred by the controversies over Quran-burning and the planned Ground Zero mosque, the most visible Islamic advocacy organization in the United States says it is launching a department to deal with “Islamophobia.”

...CAIR, which calls itself “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization,” said in a statement Monday that its executive director, Nihad Awad, had announced the move at the group’s annual banquet, held in Arlington, Va. on Saturday.

“We have seen a small but vocal group of bigots and hate-mongers manufacture an atmosphere of anti-Islam hysteria through smear campaigns that rely on distortions, misinformation and outright falsehoods,” Awad said.

Nihad Awad of CAIR speaks at a 2002 DC rally while a flag for the Islamic terror group Hezbollah flies on stage

The statement said the new “Islamophobia” department would produce an annual report tracking “trends in rhetorical attacks on Islam and Muslims and will offer accurate and balanced information to be used in the struggle for tolerance and mutual understanding.”

Mutual understanding, huh? It would have been helpful nine years ago if CAIR and other Muslim organizations would have acted in a manner to reassure the American public that the terrorists who attacked America in the name of Islam on 9/11 did not represent Islam, that they condemned Islamic acts of terrorism, and they would work with authorities to root out any radicalism they encountered. Nine years they could have worked on "American and Islamic relations." Instead, they've spent the last nine years acting as if they're the real victims of 9/11, while waging a war of psychological terrorism towards anyone who dares to question Islamic radicalism and Islamofascism.

First of all, CAIR needs to cut the crap. Statistics show that bias crimes against Muslims are make up only seven percent of religious "hate crimes." The biggest percentage of "hate crimes" (65.7 percent) are committed against Jews.

May I remind you who CAIR honored this past weekend at the same event where they announced their anti-Islamophobia campaign? Helen Thomas. Yes, that Helen Thomas. Tell the Jews to leave Israel, as well as (essentially) go back to the ovens and you'll get an award from CAIR.

So before the grievance mongers at CAIR want to use the bigotry and "hate speech" card, they ought to take a closer look at themselves.

Remember: USS Cole Attack--10 Years Ago Today

Remember the victims of the alQueda terrorist attack on the USS Cole, which was attacked in a Yemen harbor ten years ago today.

Michelle Malkin reminds us how the Cole attack was a forgotten day of infamy, especially how the statement of then-President Clinton that those responsible would be "held accountable," has been unfulfilled for the past ten years.

Don't forget that, in February 2009, President Obama hadn't been in office for a month and dropped all charges against the detained al-Queda who were behind the attack.

Flashback: Mother Of USS Cole Victim Refuses To Meet With Obama, "I Think I Made The Wrong Decision" (Voting For Obama)

Two months ago, the Obama Regime halted the trail against the mastermind of the Cole attack.

Flashback: More Siding With Islamofascists: Obama Regime Halts Trial Against USS Cole Bomber, "It's Politics..." Says One Official

Why, Eric "Terrorist Friendly" Holder and Barack Hussein Obama? Are you too busy using the InJustice Department as a political tool against regime opponents?

New York Elections Board Misses Deadline To Send Absentee Ballot To Military Overseas

Melanie Morgan posted about this outrage from the New York Daily News.
The Board of Elections is facing another "royal screwup" - this time for failing to ship absentee ballots to New York troops serving overseas.

"Our troops sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. They should never, ever be
denied the right to vote," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who pushed a 2009 law establishing deadlines for mailing absentee ballots.

New York election officials were required to ship the ballots to U.S. citizens living overseas by Sept. 17. Because New York primaries were held Sept. 14, the feds granted local officials an extension until Oct. 1.

Several New York counties blew past the extension - including the city's five boroughs.

Schumer urged election officials to rush delivery of the ballots to ensure that military votes are counted.

"Put these ballots on the next plane to Afghanistan," Schumer demanded. "There is absolutely no excuse for failing to get this done."
Well, for once I actually agree with Schumer the ambulance chaser from Brooklyn.

And where is the Justice Department, who are supposed to enforce the MOVE Act? Oh right, they're too busy dropping cases against the New Black Panthers and seeking to take over trials of Islamic terrorists from the military, which is why they're known around here as the InJustice Department.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarah Palin Endorses Keith Fimian in VA 11th Race

Keith Fimian, the GOP candidate in the race 11th District Congressional seat, received an important endorsement, from former Governor (and hopefully our next President) Sarah Palin on her Facebook page.
Keith Fimian will be an important check on Congress for residents of the Commonwealth. The differences in this campaign are clear: his opponent supports job-killing cap-and-tax, wasteful stimulus spending, and the massive federal overreach on our health care system. Keith Fimian is not a career politician and has actually created private-sector jobs. Please visit Keith’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

There's a lot more we can add to Sarah's endorsement about Fimian's opponent, Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly and his cozy relationship with the Islamic Saudi Academy, which has had staff and one student suspected of terrorist plots. Connolly also has gone along with the Pelosi, Reid, Obama agenda almost 97 percent of the time.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Northern Virginia Patriots Protest Ground Zero Victory Mosque Developer's Appearance At CAIR Fundraiser

Thirty plus patriots (one even from Scotland) showed up earlier this evening outside the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington to protest the appearance of Ground Zero Victory Mosque Developer Sharif El Gamal at the fundraiser for the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The mosque developers and the Imam, Feisal Rauf, have claimed they are "bridgebuilders" and represent "moderate Islam." However, Gamal's attendance at the fundraiser is yet another reason to question their claims. CAIR has been linked to the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, and was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror funding trial.

One of the people in attendance was Geraldine Davie, whose daughter, Amy Doherty, was killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. She was 23.

A couple of attendees from the CAIR event talked with Davie (they didn't want their faces on camera), and one even said the whole controversy over the victory mosque was "hurtful," because she believed "Islam had nothing to do with 9/11." The CAIR attendee went into the usual red herring question, "if a mosque shouldn't be there, what should be there?"

A couple of the CAIR attendees took photos or videotaped those of us outside, including some on the inside.
This CAIR attendee in the video below took a photo and then made a weird slashing motion under her chin.

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) were there, as both are leaders of SOIA (Stop Islamization of America).

Channel 4 news was there and filmed their report. I just viewed it on the 11 o'clock news, here's the link:

View more news videos at:

Gamal was "unavailable" for interviews, according to CAIR, and they wouldn't let anyone film in the hotel. The station did interview James Yee, a former US Army Muslim chaplain who had court-martial charges (later dropped) brought against him. Yee slandered us as "being full of hate-speech" and implied we were un-American.

Let me who the real bigots are, Mr. Yee? I saw your friends at CAIR were also honoring anti-Semite Helen Thomas tonight, months after she told a cameraman in May the Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Germany and Poland. So, put The Islamophobic Card in the sheredder, it's way overdrawn, and the fact you said this on film while across the street from us shows just how much of a coward you really are!

And one more thing, Mr. Yee, I don't need a lecture about American values from someone who serves as a propaganda tool for Islamic radicals on their TV networks.

Freepers Defend Arlington Cemetery From Phelps WBC Scum

Our friends from the DC Chapter of went out last Wednesday and defended Arlington National Cemetery from the scum known as Fred Phelps' Westboro Cult. (Photos below)

Freeper Trooprally wrote:
The WBC “one branch family tree” morons had a boot load of misfits. They were all in town for Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing. They have a lot to lose so they came out in force. They received the normal reaction from passer-bys, disgusted looks, one finger salutes and a lot of verbal harassment from our Vietnam Vets.
Verbal harassment and one-finger salutes which are much deserved, I might add.

The Phelps Kultish Klan of Inbreds
The Phelps cult is being sued by the parent of a fallen soldier for their vulgar protests outside the funerals of our fallen. The Supreme Court is currently hearing the case.