Friday, September 17, 2010

WOW! Protesters With "Nazi" Signs Linked To Obama Campaign, Pelosi & Democrat Rep. From Illinois

There's a video posted at Gateway Pundit about a protest outside the Chicago offices of Americans for Prosperity on Wednesday night. Signs were held depicting her opponent, Adam Kinzinger, as well as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as Nazis.

The photographer followed the protesters back to a building, which turned about to be the office of Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. GP also notes that one of the protesters, Anna Markowski, works for Obama's campaign front group Astroturfing for Obama (or Organizing for America). She was also the Missouri Deputy Regional Field Director for Barack Obama in 2008, and the OOS volunteer coordinator for the Obama 08 campaign. I also found a link with her name listed under the West Des Moines, IA Caucus field organization for Obama in 2008. Markowski works for the Halvorson campaign.

It gets better, another one of the protesters, Julie Merz, is not only Rep. Halvorsen’s campaign manager, she was just recently the Deputy Director of Member Services on Nancy Pelosi’s staff!

But don't look for this story on your local news.

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