Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Well, Well, Well...Koran Burning Florida Church Linked To Westboro Cult

Google cache of DoveWorld "Outreach" Center "In Support of Westboro "Baptist," from April 21, 2010, via
Some of the photos, from their facebook page:

This is what Dove Outreach says about the Westboro inbreds who picket the funerals of our fallen.
Westboro Baptist is not anti-military or anti-USA. Rather the opposite, actually. Do some research. They go to funerals because the Bible says that a fallen soldier is a sign of God's wrath and a reminder of the condition of this world, a fallen world, in sin. We all know that. None of us want to fight wars. We have to, and we honor the fallen for their sacrifice, but funerals are also a chance to repent and get our lives right with God before our own comes along.

The soldier who is already dead knows what's coming, whether they are in heaven or hell. I think they would be glad for the extra reminder to loved ones that they still have time to make a choice and use the rest of their time given here for God rather than wasting it, in a spiritual sense.
Holding signs like "Thank God for IEDs" and "Thank God for 9/11" isn't anti-military or anti-USA? What kinda twisted logic is that?

Something about this smells like a setup. A media stunt drummed up to discredit those genuinely concerned about Islam and Shariah Law here in America, as well as the opposition to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.


igonesia said...

Support to Dove

Anonymous said...

THeir logic is like that of Jerimiah Wright and the chickens comming home to roost...