Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So, When Is "Hardball" Going To Get An "X" Rating?

It's not just a thrill up his leg any more, Chris "Tingles" Matthews, the Democrat hack turned MSNBC talking head gets that thrill all over (Newsbusters).

Chris Matthews is still getting a thrill up his leg, and even further, when he hears Barack Obama speak, as the MSNBCer, on Monday's Hardball, announced to the world "I get the same thrill up my leg, all over me," whenever he listens to Obama's 2004 Democratic convention speech. Matthews also revealed he is really sensitive about how his "thrill" moments are described, as he took offense when a guest inaccurately labeled it a "tingle" as Matthews shot back: "It wasn't a tingle, up my leg, that's what right wing fascists say. I got a thrill up my leg. Okay? You're reading the right wing blogs. Start tuning your station."
Seriously, Chris Matthews' boy crush on Obama is so scary I'm wondering if he's considering moving Hardball to the Playboy Channel. Because being on MSNBC is the only thing that prevents him from splooging all over his desk in excitement when he hears "The Anointed One" speak.

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