Monday, September 20, 2010

So Christine O'Donnell Once Practiced Witchcraft...Who (Expletive) Cares? Karl Rove Does....

And just who in the Hell is the twice-divorced Karl Rove to be playing Mother Mary?

There's a certain double standard at work when it comes to conservative vs. liberal candidates, and it's in play here again. If a liberal has done drugs, drinks, has multiple affairs, and I'd say practiced's a resume enhancer. If a conservative has done any of those and says something about "well, I made mistakes when I was younger," then the liberal morality patrol goes into action..."Weeeeeelllllllllll....what was it you did?????" We saw that when Rove's former boss, George W. Bush, underwent a virtual proctology exam in 2000 by the media, who were absolutely sure he did cocaine (but there never was proof).

Now Christine O'Donnell is going through the same thing, because she admitted to praciticing witchcraft when she was in high school, as well as for attacking the favorite pastime of Chris Matthews and Charles "Icarus" Johnson. The attacks on O'Donnell aren't from a sense of morality, but because liberals (and many of the "good ole boy" establishment GOP types like Rove) fear the rise of conservative women across the nation. So, like Sarah Palin, she is seen as someone to be destroyed by the libs, their lapdogs in the media, and the useful idiots in the GOP. Their sense of phony morality also assuages them of guilt over their own drug and sex orgies.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama admitted to doing not just the wacky weed, but also cocaine. He went to a racist, America hating "church," and hung out with an unrepentant, 1960s domestic terrorist. The media didn't care about any of this, and the only reason it was brought up because Obama was anything but transparent about his past.

So Christine O'Donnell admitted to doing witchcraft when she was younger, and may have been promiscuous. The real test should be if she (or anyone else) is mentioning that because of a sense of "Look, I did things I'm not proud of when I was younger, I learned from them and don't do that anymore." Who among us has lead a perfect life? I mean, God forbid I ever run for public office, the liberal morality police will head to south Texas and try to find out about all my underage drunken escapades and the crowd I hung with in my freshman year of college.

I also spun "Stairway to Heaven" backwards.

I fooled with Tarot cards (occult) a couple of times when I was in high school.

I'm not saying this to brag, but as an example of mistakes I made when I was younger, and no longer practice. I believe that's where Christine O'Donnell is coming from, a sense of being a better person from mistakes made in youth.

And, aren't there more important issues like today's economy and our current national security than what a Senate candidate did over 20 years ago?

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Anonymous said...

I liked your piece. Your list of dDEmocrat hohum's missed these gems: Former Imperial Grand Wizard of the KKK - No problem we understand you did not hoild those values and did it just to GET ELECTED.

Kill sombody with car by drowning and wait till you've had time to call a laywer and not the police to rescue her - no problem we understand - you had to protect your daddy's legacy and your future political career.

Get caught with 90k in FBI marked cash in your freezer...and the beat goes on. I now realize the you are strapped by space constraints is probably why you did not add these things cuz where does one stop?

Good job keep up the blog.