Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Screw The NRSC! They Won't Back Christine O'Donnell

Leave it to the Republican Party to have the wind at their backs in this mid-term election, only to screw it up because of the entrenched Republican establishment who isn't afraid to trump conservative principles just to win elections.

When the "Good Ole Boy" Republican establishment couldn't defeat Christine O'Donnell with smears and innuendo, they've now decided to withhold money to her campaign from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Karl Rove on Fox News showed just how unconservative he is when he decided to bash O'Donnell after her trouncing of liberal Republican Mike Castle. Keep in mind that Rove got the Bush Administration to support Benedict Arnold Arlen Sphincter over conservative Pat Toomey in 2004. Sphincter became an Obama supporting Democrat in 2009....great job there Karl & Dubya!

O'Donnell struck back hard. According to Michelle Malkin, O'Donnell brought a 9/12 supporter who revealed how Karl Rove met with Tea Party activists and tried to encourage them to back the "more electable" candidate (Castle). That story is expanded in The Freedomist.

How bout it Karl? O'Donnell's clearly not the dumb little girl you act like she is.

I've checked the NRSC's Facebook page and so many are posting their displeasure with this backstabbing. Keep it up!

Jim DeMint's PAC is helping O'Donnell out. Here's the link.

There's also a new Facebook group called NRSC - National RINO Suicide Committee.
Here's my message to the NRSC.

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Larry Sheldon said...

I could not have said it better myself. (I try every time they send me a Business Reply Envelope.)

I think the GOP may have committed suicide today.

I have never heard of a more disgusting display.

I had been saying that they needed to stop worrying about "third parties" and start worrying about being one of the three.

As Glenn Beck said several times today--we have won.