Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Republican Establishment Just Doesn't Get It In Delaware

I've been meaning to comment on the Delaware Senate Primary, which is being held today, but haven't because of the other goodies.

But if I were a resident of the state I would vote for and proudly support a solid conservative named Christine O'Donnell for US Senate.

The establishment Republicans in the state, as well as the national party, show in many ways they still don't understand the feelings of the electorate. It's not good enough to be a Republican and run this year. The electorate isn't satisfied with electing a "Democrat lite" who runs as a Republican.

Mike Castle reminds me of that (what was her name???) Dede Scazafova earlier this year in NY 23. True, there was a difference, in that it was a special election, but the establishment party and some misguided conservatives got behind Scazafova, despite the fact she was just as liberal as a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Castle is the same way....he can't be called a RINO because he's worse than one.

What's worse, is the Party getting behind Castle and smearing O'Donnell in the process. What's the problem? It seems to be that the Tea Party Revolution is showing it's not just a threat to Democrats, but also to the "good ole boy" Republican establishment, many of whom are too weak kneed to lead and are willing to "go along to get along." That's what got voters soured on the GOP in 2006-2008: being to wishy-washy, and fear of being perceived as "too conservative."

So while the GOP claims to try and reach out to the Tea Party, they're showing that, by backing Castle, they don't really understand what the Tea Party is all about. It's not just about defeating Democrats and electing Republicans, but electing solid conservatives who will govern according to the Constitution.

So, if you're in Delaware, do America proud and help send Christine O'Donnell to the US Senate.

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