Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama's DNC Astroturf Organization Joins Hands With Communist Party, Islamofascist Apologists, Unions, Racists & Race Baiters For "One Nation" Rally

Unions Offering Free Bus Rides To Oct. 2 DC Rally

The Tea Party has been described in many derogatory terms by Leftists and Democrats over the last year. Some of those terms include "extremist," "astroturf," and "racist."

Lo and behold, the real astroturf and extremists are coming to DC this coming Saturday--in an attempt to outdo the real grassroots uprising of middle-class and working Americans (Washington Examiner).

Stung by political setbacks and scrambling to avoid a repudiation of Democrats at the polls this November, a coalition of labor unions and liberal activist organizations is planning what it calls "the biggest progressive demonstration in decades" at the Lincoln Memorial next Saturday, October 2.

The march, called "One Nation Working Together," is sponsored by the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, the Service Employees International Union, La Raza,

And they call the Tea Party "racist?"

...the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of Teachers, the Rainbow Push Coalition, the Campaign for America's Future, and several other activist groups. The event is also being promoted by Organizing for America, the permanent wing of the Obama presidential campaign, which is sending out email notices to members asking that they travel to Washington to take part.

...In addition to the main organizers, participants will also include left-wing fringe groups like International ANSWER, Code Pink, and the Communist Party USA. The leaders of those groups are known for loud, confrontational demonstrations, which virtually assures that anyone looking for extremist elements in the One Nation gathering will be able to find them.

International ANSWER is a Communist front group for the Workers World Party. One of it's leaders, Ramsey Clark, was one Saddam Hussein's defense attorneys and another leader, Brian Becker, met recently with Iranian dictator Mahmood Ahmadamnutjob. Code Pinko members have given money to aid the terrorists in Iraq and expressed support for the "Iraqi Resistance" while protesting our military. They also support giving back Afghanistan to the oppressive Taliban regime. Co-founder Jodie Evans, who was also a top bundler for Obama, said Osama bin Laden had a "valid argument" for the 9/11 attacks on a radio show.

Locally, the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers is promoting this rally on their website.

Shouldn't the dues of the county's teachers be used to get them pay raises instead of promoting a rally of Left-wing extremists who are far removed from the American mainstream?

As mentioned by the Examiner, Barack Hussein Obama's DNC front group "Astroturfing for Obama" is endorsing this Left-wing hatefest. So this is Obama's "One America?" Labor and Teachers unions, Communists, Islamofascist dictator apologists, war resisters, racial separatist groups and race-baiters. Has anyone bothered to ask the White House about the links between the President's campaign group to these extremist groups?

I'll bet (based on my personal observations and those of others) that this rally will have table after table of Communist literature available.

But there's more to the story. Kristinn Taylor and Andrea King have found that some unions are offering free bus rides to the rally. Keep in mind that teachers unions and other similar organizations have benefited from Federal stimulus dollars. So, that poses the question, is this how labor unions are spending taxpayer dollars?

Remember that Ben Jealous and the NAACP announced this rally while at the same time slandering the Tea Party with the "racist" label. La Raza, the Hispanic version of the KKK? The Communist Party? Code Pinko? International ANSWER? Hey Ben Jealous, when you're finished making Nazi Germany comparisons (in a church of all places) to Obamacare opposition, may I invite you to view the real racist and extremist? It's the person you're looking at in the mirror.

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Anonymous said...

i feel like a civil war is about to happen here in america again - my side is freedom - the other side communist /socailist parties=
i believe that our fore fathers never thought it would come to this but here it is - it was ben franklin who replied to that woman who asked "what kind of goverment did you give us" ben answered "a republic if you can keep it"
thanks for you insight - i fear for our lives but im ready to fight for freedom- i will vote and do the right things first as fighting with my countrymen is the last and final option-
GOD help us all and bless us and my President -