Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Being Learned About The Discovery Channel Gunman

It seems yesterday that some liberal blogs, including a former "conservative" blogger who flopped out in an earlier year as a jazz guitarist, were trying in vain to tie him to the right, because of anti-immigrant views.

Hardly. We learned today that James Lee was once convicted for smuggling illegal aliens into America.

He also had a habit of showing up at protests. Jonn at This Ain't Hell encountered him at the Shoe Bush Rally held the day before Obama's Immaculation last year.

He was steeped in all kinds of Leftist blather. But he spewed out a lot of Ron Paul crap mixed with some Republican talking points – whatever fit his protest sign. He was a raving lunatic and I wouldn’t blame any political party for James J. Lee like some people have. He was just an average DC nut job.

You can see why the Montgomery County police shot him – his mood swings are kind of frightening. I remember during our conversation on the park bench last Fall, he’d be smiling and talking calmly one second and then become a raving lunatic the next. You can see that in the video.
Turns out a pro-life group also had an encouter with Lee, who videotaped it and posted it on his YouTube Channel (LifeSiteNews).

Last year, Lee's passion for suppressing the human race brought him to the steps of the Planned Parenthood building in Washington, D.C., where members of the American Life League were holding a protest against the dangers of the birth control pill.

In a video of the encounter, filmed by Lee himself, and uploaded to his Youtube account, Lee takes issue with the group's "religious" aspect, and criticized Biblical faith as "unsustainable." "You can't say that we can breed as many children as I want, and that the earth is unlimited - the earth is limited. You can't just say we got to fill the earth, have all these children, and nevermind all the other creatures. That's what the Bible says," the man told the group.

"See, personally I don't care if you humans destroy yourselves with your stupid wars. But, you can't destroy the natural world. The atomic bomb hurts other creatures ... Why don't you guys just slice yourselves with knives instead of something, but please don't hurt the wildlife like that, there's only so many of them," he continued.

"Animals are wonderful creatures ... they live sustainable lives. They mean no harm .... But humans are really environmentally destructive and we gotta stop breeding or something."

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