Saturday, September 04, 2010

Media Matters Discovers This Blog: Completely Misses The Point About "Black Teapartiers" Video

Since Media Matters for Democrats has just discovered this blog in the last couple of days, let me give David Crock and Co. a personal greeting.

This alleged "media watchdog" group which is funded by George Soro$ money linked here in regards to the Black Teapartiers at Restoring Honor video which I filmed last Saturday at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC. Apparently, Beck played a brief clip of the audio the other day on this radio show of a white liberal who told these black conservatives the following:
"What happened to your African religion?"

"You're supposed to be a Muslim."

"Christianity is the white man's religion."

Instead, Media Matters for Democrats gets on the black conservative for using the term "Uncle Tom" and "Sambo" towards a black on the liberal's side. I only caught part of the conversation. Apparently, this Michael Warns was telling the guy that Al Gore supposedly gave money to some pro-white southern group and when confronted by Jesse Jackson, gave the excuse that "it was only $40." Warns' point was that despite the Democrats ties to racist organizations like the KKK, he felt his fellow blacks had accepted their explanations without question, that's why he'd used those terms.

I don't know the full details of the incident Warns spoke of, I don't know much about the guy, and some of the stuff on his website I don't quite understand where he's coming from. But he did make the point that the KKK and the Democrat Party had ties for many years, all stuff ignored by Media Matters and the lapdog media today. Warns' views, some of which might be off the wall, are a different issue.

Conservatives and Tea Party activists are accused of being "racists" in the opposition to Barack Hussein Obama's far-Left agenda, and have also been accused of using racial slurs against black Congressmen (all debunked claims). However, there is no proof. Here, in the video from last week, we see arrogant white liberals who have the audacity to tell a group of blacks how and what to think and believe. This brings to mind the whole idea of the "liberal plantation," once a black, a woman, a gay, a Hispanic or whomever decides to think for themselves and ignore the "groupthink;" some liberal elitist mocks them in a way that implies they are a traitor to their people. You don't even have to be a conservative. Remember how liberal Juan Williams defended something Rush Limbaugh said and was told to "go back to the porch" by Warren Ballentine, because he dared to defend Rush.

But liberals always gloss over the racist history of the Democrat Party. Remember how Robert "Sheets" Byrd was canonized by liberal Democrats, as well as the NAACCP. Likewise, liberals refuse to look at how the Great Society welfare state has, in many ways, led to the destruction of the two-parent household in the black community. Dan Quayle tried to point that out in his famous 1992 speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, but all that was remembered of that speech was one line about a stupid sitcom called "Murphy Brown."

While Media Matters tries to also claim Warns was a former cult member, hardly anyone today knows that cult leader Jim Jones was a liberal activist in San Francisco. It could be said Jones was not only a modern day plantation owner, he murdered more blacks in one day when he ordered his People's Temple cult (most of whom were black) to commit suicide or be murdered by his thugs.

But that, like the racism of the liberal whites at the Lincoln Memorial, is all glossed over by liberals like Media Matters. No surprise.

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