Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Meanwhile, In Loudoun County, VA; Christmas Is Being Attacked

While Hartford CT plans to pander to Islam in the same month that members of the so-called Religion of Peace (TM) attacked America, Loudoun County, VA is planning to decide whether or not to ban Christmas displays at the county courthouse in Leesburg (Washington ComPost).
Scores of Loudoun County residents are scheduled to speak Tuesday night against a county board commission's recommendation that would disallow religious holiday displays on the grounds of the county courthouse, according to the Leesburg Town Council.

The dispute began in November, when a resident-led commission decided that the county should ban unattended displays at the courthouse after the county received increased requests to use the public space. When the commission denied a rotary group's application to place a Christmas tree on court grounds, the new policy drew residents' attention and ire.

The board then established a policy allowing as many as 10 groups to install displays on the courthouse grounds at a time, on a first-come, first-served basis. But the resident-led commission has continued to express concern that the new policy has created a cluttered and unmanageable situation. In July, the commission asked the board to consider reinstating the ban on unattended religious displays prior to the upcoming holiday season. The board is expected to make a decision at its business meeting on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has said that displays can be allowed on public property, but the liberal judges in Loudoun County are advising the board to do away with them.

So, as I said once before, don't lecture me about freedom of religion when Christian holidays are under attack, even if they're secular symbols, such as a Christmas tree.

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