Monday, September 13, 2010

Lapdog Media's Washington ComPost Mostly Ignores We The People Who Rallied On 912

After posting the photos and videos from yesterdays 912 Tea Party rally, I'm getting notes from people saying that they have seen hardly any coverage from the news media lapdogs about yesterday's rallies.

I checked both Washington DC newspapers this morning, and the difference between them is startling.

The Washington ComPost, the liberal organ which is practically a daily love letter to Obama, ignored the rally yesterday where tens of thousands (I've heard no official estimates yet, but it was big) attended.

Their big Tea Party story on the front page was the political assault on real conservative Christine O'Donnell by the Delaware GOP's "good ole boy" network.

Online, the ComPost's rally coverage was just a blip.

The more conservative Washington Times had a photo of the rally on the front page.
Now, if there'd been an allegation of a racial slur, it would have made the ComPost front page.

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