Thursday, September 16, 2010

Karl Rove Countines Mouthing Off; Says "All Heck Isn't Breaking Loose." Has He Seen His Facebook Page?

Karl Rove went back on Fox News last night to talk to Greta van Susteren, and continued regurgitating the (debunked) "issues" about Christine O'Donnell.

"Tokyo Rove"

For a guy whom liberals derided as "Bush's Brain," he's simply not intelligent enough to realize he's jumped the shark, refusing to admit "all hell's broken loose" after his tantrum on Sean Hannity's show Tuesday evening.

If you need more proof of how Rove is in denial, look at his Facebook page (he obviously hasn't), where all has broken loose since Tuesday evening.

Rove, Mike Castle, Charlie Crist, and that other loser Lisa Murkowski have a lot in common with liberal Democrats. They're showing just how out of touch they are with the American people. They thought they could throw any RINO Republican (no matter how liberal they are) up against a Democrat and the voters would hold their noses at the polls and pull the lever. They did that in 2004 with Arlen Sphincter and look what that not so brilliant move churned out. Voters aren't buying the same snake oil today. Now, Rove, et al, are having their public temper tantrum, because the power of the "good ole boy" Republican establishment is being threatened.

Liberals in the Democrat Party and lapdog media operated under the misconception that the Tea Party was just a bunch of Republicans who wanted to get rid of all Democrats. What has happened in Alaska, Florida and now in Delaware proves that theory wrong. Establishment Republicans are just as bad, if not worse, than liberal Democrats, and they need to be taken out with the rest of the trash in November.

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Anonymous said...

Posted in the Marin IJ thursday Letters comments:

Yeah the Libs don't get it. Now with their heads in the sand they are saying the TEA party is causing "civil war" with in the Republican party and they are canabalizing it. What they miss is that the TEA party are the TEA cells that are knocking off the RINO Virus restoring the body of the Rebublican party to health.