Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I Don't Recall Hearing The Same Vocal Opposition By The White House To A "Church" Protesting Funerals of Soldiers

You've probably heard of that church in Florida, whose members are planning a Koran burning this Saturday (9/11).

They're still planning to go ahead with it, even though Gen. David Petraeus has cautioned that their actions could put US troops in even more harm. Even the White House, who are siding with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, are calling this "unAmerican." The State Department has even weighed in on this.

For all this outrage from the White House and members of our government, where is their outrage towards another so-called "Church" when it comes to protests outside the funerals of our fallen? That's right! They've said nothing that I can find. But they sure have a lot to say about this "Church" planning to burn the Koran.

Does this mean I agree with the Koran burning? No! It's not a good idea. As far as I'm concerned, this pastor is right up there with the Muslims who are flipping the 9/11 families and America off when it comes to building a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. They're being insensitive of other's feelings and especially the ramifications for our troops. Sure he has a right to do it, but that doesn't give you automatic license to do it and disregard what is in the best interest for all. I understand the feelings about how Christian symbols are regularly mocked (ie Christ on the Cross in a jar of urine), but this Church should realize acting like seventh century savages puts them at the same level as radical Islamists.

If this Pastor and his so-called "church" want to burn something on 9/11, may I suggest burning an effigy of Osama bin Laden instead.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that burning the Koran is a good idea. It shows the same lack of decency that building the symbol of victory at Ground Zero does.

There are two types of peace - that which is made and that which is kept.

The peace keepers will do ANYTHING to keep the peace including giving away their rights, traditions and freedom just so long as no REALLY gets hurt. This leads to the inevitable rise of the peacemakers who will crush those who have yielded to for too long.

Say we keep yielding to Islam out of peacekeeping efforts. It starts with banks not giving away piggy banks and building separate washing facilities and prayer rooms with taxpayer dollars in universities. It such a little thing you know and see how tolerant and accommodating we are. Like trolling at 1 mph you cannot perceive movement by casually looking at the shore, you need to look closely at the line in the water to see the movement and it is a relaxing pace. By the time the calls to prayer are piercing everyday life we will be over run just like in Lebanon and now starting in France. Then the peacemakers will rise up and we will have a bloody war on our soil. All for want of not offending those of another land that came here not to become Americans but to submit our land to Mohammed.

Stogie said...

Nonsense! Burning the Quran is a symbolic act designating a complete rejection of Islam. It is a statement that needs to be made, to wake people up to the true nature of Islam.

Burning dead paper and ink is not morally equivalent to mass murders as those in New York, London, Madrid, Beslan or Mumbai.

I support the Quran burning. So should you.