Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Full Disclosure" Asked Of Fairfax County Supervisors Who May Renew Radical ISA School Lease

The subject of the Saudi-funded Islamic Saudi Academy's lease with Fairfax County over the property they use in Alexandria will come up again in October, and full disclosure is being asked of supervisors in making the decision.

From Atlas Shrugs comes this press release from the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force:
A Virginia group has called on members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to “fully disclose” donations they have received from groups and individuals with an interest in the October 19 hearing on the renewal of the lease of the radical Islamic Saudi Academy on Route 1.

James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) said in a letter to each Supervisor that he was concerned because former Board Chairman Gerry Connolly received numerous contributions to his Congressional campaign as he was shepherding the last ISA lease renewal through the board and attacking opponents.

An Associated Press report on June 17, 2008 stated: “The board’s chairman Gerry Connolly, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District offered a strong defense of the school and accused critics of slander during the meeting in which the lease was approved.”

“Connolly should have recused himself from the process but instead he carried the water for the Islamist radicals and cashed a lot of their checks,” said Lafferty. “Many of the contributions were to his Congressional campaign but , at least, one of them was not reported to the Federal Elections Commission.

“We are asking each Board member to check his/her records and if they have accepted contributions from any entity connected to the ISA and that includes CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America and any other Islamist groups and any individuals or officials of any of the local mosques, we are asking them to comply with the law and recuse themselves.
The board unanimously approved the lease in 2008, and in 2009, voted to let the ISA expand their Popes Head Road location despite the opposition of neighbors and past precedent of not allowing Christian schools to expand in the same area.

It's easy to see why VAST is asking for this disclosure, as the Fairfax Supervisors have had a strange relationship with the Academy, as well as a radical mosque in Falls Church where a former Imam has been linked to two 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood jihadist, and the Christmas Day underwear bomber. If you remember, Sharon Bulova, Board Supervisor, and Supervisor Penny Gross, were to be a guests at the mosque fundraiser last April, but did not show up.

From NPR:
The Islamic Saudi Academy, located in Fairfax County, has long been under the microscope of its opponents. But for residents along the two-lane country road where the school sits, the debate was transformed from a local land-use issue into a heated discussion about the school, its teachings and the relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States.

For people like Pat Herrity, supervisor of Springfield District, where the school is located, this should only ever have been about traffic.

"I can't imagine putting another car every six seconds on Popes Head Road," he says, standing in the ISA's driveway counting the cars as they drive by. In August last year the county's Board of Supervisors approved the ISA's bid to expand its campus and double the number of students who attend, to around 500.

...For now, the controversy continues, as does the pressure on local politicians. Michael Frey is on the Board of Supervisors. He voted for the school's expansion and says he still gets criticized for it. One man approached him at his local supermarket on a Sunday morning. In an aggressive tone, he said he couldn't believe Frey could consider himself a conservative after voting the way he did.

"I said, 'I don't believe anybody who wants local government to be reading texts and making decisions on schools based on what they teach is a conservative,' " Frey replied. "To me, that is one of the biggest intrusions you could possibly imagine."

The State Department agrees. Conservative Christian groups that have lobbied for the school to be closed say that because it's funded by the Saudi government, the State Department should intervene. But the State Department says ISA is a private school, not a foreign mission, and it has no role in accrediting or managing the school.

Frey points out that two Christian schools also filed applications to expand last year in Fairfax County and no one questioned their textbooks.

"How do I know this Christian school isn't teaching hatred against non-Christians?" Frey asks. "I didn't read their texts, but if you want me to start to base land-use decisions on that [it's a] terribly, terribly slippery slope."
Excuse me, Mr. Frey, but did you know that:
In 1985, the Fairfax Board of Supervisors refused a school permit filed by Robert L. Thoburn for the Fairfax Christian School – on the identical property, for fewer students, and a generation ago with less traffic and less environmental risk.
Why the cowardice from these supposed "conservatives" Michael Frey and Pat Herrity? How many Christian schools in Fairfax County teach that Jews are descended from apes, or have employees scope out the Chesapeake Bay bridge or have a valedictorian link up with al-Queda to assassinate former President Bush?

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