Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Mudslinging: Gloria Allred Comes To The Political Rescue of Jerry Brown, A Friend Of Terrorist Enablers & A Mass Murdering Cult Leader

The day after (by all accounts) he was outclassed in his debate with California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman, former Gov. Jerry "Moonbeams" Brown, got a little help from one of his supporters, liberal feminazi attorney Gloria Allred.

As she did when Arnold Schwarzenkennedy ran in the recall election against Gov. "Red" Davis in 2003, Allred rode out to attempt to rescue of the liberal with some incriminating evidence against the Republican front runner. With Arnold, it was allegations of sexual harassment (which were never proven). This time, it is allegations that Whitman knowingly employed an illegal alien, Nicandra Diaz Santillian, for years, even though the illegal had provided a false identification when she applied for the job. Both instances happened right before an election, and gave Allred the opportunity to act like the publicity whore she really is.

Hugh Hewitt took Allred apart on his radio show yesterday (transcript) and "The Great One" Mark Levin made mincemeat of her this evening on his radio show (audio link here).

OK, Meg Whitman isn't entirely the kind of Republican I'm crazy about. But, that's the kind of GOP candidate you're going to get, especially because of how dysfunctional the California GOP is. However, everything I'm seeing is that she hired this illegal based on the false documentation she was given, and when she found out the person was illegal, she was fired. But this is what liberals do when they're down...get the dirt out and throw it to cover up for the fact they cannot connect with the voters.

There's a lot about Jerry Brown we can bring up. Did Gloria Allred know Jerry Boy is friends with an apologist for Islamofascist terrorism named Jodie Evans? Yes! Evans, the co-founder of Code Pinko, held a fundraiser for Brown, with Code Pinko propaganda in full view. Brown, being the liberal jerk he is, just laughed the allegations off. Apparently, like Barack Hussein Obama, "Moonbeams" doesn't care that his fundraiser raised money for a town held by Iraqi terrorists, or stated that the terrorist insurgency in Iraq must be supported, in addition to stating that Obama bin Laden had a valid reason for 9/11.

Does Gloria know about another one of Jerry's good friends and supporters from the 1970s? Does the name, The Rev. Jim Jones ring a bell?

Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown & The Rev. Jim Jones, leader of the People's Temple Cult
The deaths of 900 plus could have been prevented if not for Jones' liberal enablers in California

Jones was allied with Jerry Brown, Harvey Milk, Willie Brown and the liberal who's who in California. He even met with Walter Mondale and Rosalynn Carter. Jerry Brown shared the pulpit at a Temple Ceremony in 1977 when Jones was given the Martin Luther King Jr. award by the outrageous "Rev." Cecil Williams (who once used his Glide Memorial Church to host a prostitute convention). Later in 1977, Jones and his flock (mostly black) left San Francisco after stories of beatings and abuse finally became known, after being censored by the press for the previous five years. Jones led his flock to commit suicide (many including children were killed), after Temple gunmen killed Rep. Leo Ryan in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978.

So what about that, libs? Jerry Brown and other California liberals were friends with and supported by a maniac who killed more blacks than any single Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Of course, "Moonbeams" is using his supporter Allred's help to his advantage. But why didn't Jerry Brown, the state's attorney general, punish Santillian for identity theft and using a false identification? Because Jerry Brown has used his office for political purposes instead of enforcing the law. As Attorney General, Brown used his office to perpetuate the fraud known as glo-BULL warming, and siding against California voters who legally voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Although Meg Whitman isn't the ideal candidate, anything is better than Jerry Brown, a political hack who should have stayed back in the 1970s.

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Joeshmoe said...

LOL this article is full of some hilarious stuff. Is this like a spin-off onion news blog? Totally bullshit and full of inaccuracy and personal agenda so it can't be expected for us to take it seriously right...