Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Astroturfing for Obama's" Mob Thuggery, Part Deux: Spit At Breitbart & Call Him A "Homo" While They Denounce "Hate"

Over the last year, leftists and Democrats have accused the Tea Party of using racial slurs and spitting at black Congressmen, in addition to being "hatemongers."

But Barack Hussein Obama's foot soldiers called "Astroturfing for Obama" (real name-Organizing for America) have struck twice with documented instances of hateful behavior.

Wednesday, if you recall, AFO members picketed Americans for Prosperity Chicago headquarters with signs depicting several conservatives with Hitler moustaches.

Yesterday, outside the RightNation conference, media mogul Andrew Breitbart was confronting a group of AFO protesters who came disguised as a "religious" group, complete with "minister" (must have been an Episcopalian, Methodist or Unitarian). In the process, Breitbart was spit at, and was also called a homosexual because (according to one AFO member) he "talks like one."

Gateway Pundit has the videos, one of which was taken by Dana Loesch.

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