Sunday, September 12, 2010

912 DC 2010 - Threat Of Rain Doesn't Keep Thousands Of Patriots From Marching On Capitol Hill

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Not even dark clouds and the threat of rain could keep Patriots from across the nation from marching on Capitol Hill today, as they did one year ago.

The march began at the Washington Monument and proceeded up to Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol lawn.

Among the speakers were Tito the Builder:

Rep. Mike Pence:

The Gatlin Bros. sang "America the Beautiful" and a new rendition of "All The Gold in California," in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in Nancy Pelosi's name! Lip synching done in the lower right corner by Robert Stacy McCain.

As the sun began to peek out of the grey clouds, Andrew Breitbart, who has shined a bright light of exposure on the Left over the last year, spoke.

I found several offices of the liberal elite in DC, along Pennsylvania Ave.

Here's some of the signs seen during the day.

This is what the Washington Monument area, where the march began looked like when I drove by on my way back home this afternoon. I don't see a speck of trash, do you?

As important as November 2nd is for America, activists also told those in attendance to remember November 3rd as well, so that those who are elected to Congress will be held accountable by Tea Party activists.

Other Tea Parties were held in St. Louis, where Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit was speaking, and in Sacramento, CA.

Dana Loesch has more from St. Louis.

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