Saturday, September 11, 2010

40,000 Patriots Near Ground Zero Say "NO!" To Victory Mosque

America Rising! (Atlas Shrugs)

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples.

Crickets are chirping in taqiya media newsrooms nationwide (although they were all there). There has been no coverage.

We organized a rally of remembrance that dwarfed the opposition. If the America haters had 4,000, we had ten times more. The media is playing the dueling rallies; it was no such thing.

Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white ........ politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.

But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York's proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.

Pay attention Michael Bloomberg, Barack Hussein Obama and all you Dhimmicrats! Don't lecture us about "tolerance" when you show none to American's who dissent from your appeasment mentality. You want to see unity? Take a look at the photos!

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trencherbone said...

HARBITUDE - the antidote to dhimmitude!