Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Mudslinging: Gloria Allred Comes To The Political Rescue of Jerry Brown, A Friend Of Terrorist Enablers & A Mass Murdering Cult Leader

The day after (by all accounts) he was outclassed in his debate with California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman, former Gov. Jerry "Moonbeams" Brown, got a little help from one of his supporters, liberal feminazi attorney Gloria Allred.

As she did when Arnold Schwarzenkennedy ran in the recall election against Gov. "Red" Davis in 2003, Allred rode out to attempt to rescue of the liberal with some incriminating evidence against the Republican front runner. With Arnold, it was allegations of sexual harassment (which were never proven). This time, it is allegations that Whitman knowingly employed an illegal alien, Nicandra Diaz Santillian, for years, even though the illegal had provided a false identification when she applied for the job. Both instances happened right before an election, and gave Allred the opportunity to act like the publicity whore she really is.

Hugh Hewitt took Allred apart on his radio show yesterday (transcript) and "The Great One" Mark Levin made mincemeat of her this evening on his radio show (audio link here).

OK, Meg Whitman isn't entirely the kind of Republican I'm crazy about. But, that's the kind of GOP candidate you're going to get, especially because of how dysfunctional the California GOP is. However, everything I'm seeing is that she hired this illegal based on the false documentation she was given, and when she found out the person was illegal, she was fired. But this is what liberals do when they're down...get the dirt out and throw it to cover up for the fact they cannot connect with the voters.

There's a lot about Jerry Brown we can bring up. Did Gloria Allred know Jerry Boy is friends with an apologist for Islamofascist terrorism named Jodie Evans? Yes! Evans, the co-founder of Code Pinko, held a fundraiser for Brown, with Code Pinko propaganda in full view. Brown, being the liberal jerk he is, just laughed the allegations off. Apparently, like Barack Hussein Obama, "Moonbeams" doesn't care that his fundraiser raised money for a town held by Iraqi terrorists, or stated that the terrorist insurgency in Iraq must be supported, in addition to stating that Obama bin Laden had a valid reason for 9/11.

Does Gloria know about another one of Jerry's good friends and supporters from the 1970s? Does the name, The Rev. Jim Jones ring a bell?

Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown & The Rev. Jim Jones, leader of the People's Temple Cult
The deaths of 900 plus could have been prevented if not for Jones' liberal enablers in California

Jones was allied with Jerry Brown, Harvey Milk, Willie Brown and the liberal who's who in California. He even met with Walter Mondale and Rosalynn Carter. Jerry Brown shared the pulpit at a Temple Ceremony in 1977 when Jones was given the Martin Luther King Jr. award by the outrageous "Rev." Cecil Williams (who once used his Glide Memorial Church to host a prostitute convention). Later in 1977, Jones and his flock (mostly black) left San Francisco after stories of beatings and abuse finally became known, after being censored by the press for the previous five years. Jones led his flock to commit suicide (many including children were killed), after Temple gunmen killed Rep. Leo Ryan in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978.

So what about that, libs? Jerry Brown and other California liberals were friends with and supported by a maniac who killed more blacks than any single Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Of course, "Moonbeams" is using his supporter Allred's help to his advantage. But why didn't Jerry Brown, the state's attorney general, punish Santillian for identity theft and using a false identification? Because Jerry Brown has used his office for political purposes instead of enforcing the law. As Attorney General, Brown used his office to perpetuate the fraud known as glo-BULL warming, and siding against California voters who legally voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Although Meg Whitman isn't the ideal candidate, anything is better than Jerry Brown, a political hack who should have stayed back in the 1970s.

"Full Disclosure" Asked Of Fairfax County Supervisors Who May Renew Radical ISA School Lease

The subject of the Saudi-funded Islamic Saudi Academy's lease with Fairfax County over the property they use in Alexandria will come up again in October, and full disclosure is being asked of supervisors in making the decision.

From Atlas Shrugs comes this press release from the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force:
A Virginia group has called on members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to “fully disclose” donations they have received from groups and individuals with an interest in the October 19 hearing on the renewal of the lease of the radical Islamic Saudi Academy on Route 1.

James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) said in a letter to each Supervisor that he was concerned because former Board Chairman Gerry Connolly received numerous contributions to his Congressional campaign as he was shepherding the last ISA lease renewal through the board and attacking opponents.

An Associated Press report on June 17, 2008 stated: “The board’s chairman Gerry Connolly, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District offered a strong defense of the school and accused critics of slander during the meeting in which the lease was approved.”

“Connolly should have recused himself from the process but instead he carried the water for the Islamist radicals and cashed a lot of their checks,” said Lafferty. “Many of the contributions were to his Congressional campaign but , at least, one of them was not reported to the Federal Elections Commission.

“We are asking each Board member to check his/her records and if they have accepted contributions from any entity connected to the ISA and that includes CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America and any other Islamist groups and any individuals or officials of any of the local mosques, we are asking them to comply with the law and recuse themselves.
The board unanimously approved the lease in 2008, and in 2009, voted to let the ISA expand their Popes Head Road location despite the opposition of neighbors and past precedent of not allowing Christian schools to expand in the same area.

It's easy to see why VAST is asking for this disclosure, as the Fairfax Supervisors have had a strange relationship with the Academy, as well as a radical mosque in Falls Church where a former Imam has been linked to two 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood jihadist, and the Christmas Day underwear bomber. If you remember, Sharon Bulova, Board Supervisor, and Supervisor Penny Gross, were to be a guests at the mosque fundraiser last April, but did not show up.

From NPR:
The Islamic Saudi Academy, located in Fairfax County, has long been under the microscope of its opponents. But for residents along the two-lane country road where the school sits, the debate was transformed from a local land-use issue into a heated discussion about the school, its teachings and the relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States.

For people like Pat Herrity, supervisor of Springfield District, where the school is located, this should only ever have been about traffic.

"I can't imagine putting another car every six seconds on Popes Head Road," he says, standing in the ISA's driveway counting the cars as they drive by. In August last year the county's Board of Supervisors approved the ISA's bid to expand its campus and double the number of students who attend, to around 500.

...For now, the controversy continues, as does the pressure on local politicians. Michael Frey is on the Board of Supervisors. He voted for the school's expansion and says he still gets criticized for it. One man approached him at his local supermarket on a Sunday morning. In an aggressive tone, he said he couldn't believe Frey could consider himself a conservative after voting the way he did.

"I said, 'I don't believe anybody who wants local government to be reading texts and making decisions on schools based on what they teach is a conservative,' " Frey replied. "To me, that is one of the biggest intrusions you could possibly imagine."

The State Department agrees. Conservative Christian groups that have lobbied for the school to be closed say that because it's funded by the Saudi government, the State Department should intervene. But the State Department says ISA is a private school, not a foreign mission, and it has no role in accrediting or managing the school.

Frey points out that two Christian schools also filed applications to expand last year in Fairfax County and no one questioned their textbooks.

"How do I know this Christian school isn't teaching hatred against non-Christians?" Frey asks. "I didn't read their texts, but if you want me to start to base land-use decisions on that [it's a] terribly, terribly slippery slope."
Excuse me, Mr. Frey, but did you know that:
In 1985, the Fairfax Board of Supervisors refused a school permit filed by Robert L. Thoburn for the Fairfax Christian School – on the identical property, for fewer students, and a generation ago with less traffic and less environmental risk.
Why the cowardice from these supposed "conservatives" Michael Frey and Pat Herrity? How many Christian schools in Fairfax County teach that Jews are descended from apes, or have employees scope out the Chesapeake Bay bridge or have a valedictorian link up with al-Queda to assassinate former President Bush?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pelosi To America: "Screw You! I'm Gonna Raise Your Taxes."

Instead of taking up extending the Bush-era tax cuts, the House adjourned today before the mid-term elections.

The vote to adjourn carried by one vote...Nancy Pelosi's tie breaking vote, according to Ace of Spades.

So when your taxes and mine go up in January, you can thank the Wicked Witch of the West.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

President Thin-Skinned Whines About Fox News Again, Says Network Has "Destructive View"

The Whiner-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, went off crying to Rolling Stone magazine. In an interview which will hit the newstands on Friday, he's attacking Fox News once again.

President Obama tells Rolling Stone in an interview that Fox News has a political perspective that is “destructive” to the country.

Here’s the full quote:

“The golden age of an objective press was a pretty narrow span of time in our history. Before that, you had folks like Hearst who used their newspapers very intentionally to promote their viewpoints. I think Fox is part of that tradition. It is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view. It's a point of view that I disagree with. It's a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world. But as an economic enterprise, it's been wildly successful. And I suspect that if you ask Mr. Murdoch what his number-one concern is, it's that Fox is very
The problem isn't Fox News or an "objective press." The problem is that Obama believes his own hype because his fatherless background and abandonment by his mother left him insecure and resentful. Hence, his thin-skinned reaction to criticism. We saw it last week at that CNBC town hall, when the lady said she was tired of defening him. He cannot take criticism and lashes out at those who do. Fox News is the big recipient. I know of another White House journalist (a long time member of the press corps) who was not invited to the White House Christmas Party and was snubbed for the Correspondent's dinner.

That also raises the question: what is Rolling Stone by the way? Hardly a member of the "objective press." It basically promotes the liberal agenda while reporting on the latest pop culture news, like what pop star threw up on Sunset Blvd and that fun stuff.

Don't tell me that Obama doesn't like opinion journalism. He just wants it to go his way. Remember this?

(White House Assistant Kareem Dale) "Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for that great introduction. At the White House, as we always like to say, we love MSNBC."

Misogynist Bob Beckel To Pamela Geller: "You're A Woman, You Better Be Careful." Makes Anti-Semitic Comment Off Air

Next exhibit in liberal loons is Democrat spokesmouth Bob Beckel, who is the poster child for the Mad Dog Left. Yesterday, he attacked Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs on Fox Business News, in a manner that no Republican spokesperson would ever get away with (Newsbusters).
The controversy started when Bolling played a clip of Beckel's previous appearance on the show in which he stated:

"Look, at some point, I know it's sensitive here in New York and probably New Jersey, but we have to get over 9/11."

What did he mean by ‘we have to get over 9/11'? According to Beckel, this was simply an expression of frustration for a variety of things, such as extra security at airports and a few other minor inconveniences designed to catch "a bunch of non-existent terrorists."

Bob Beckel's mantra

...Beckel might have been feeling the stress of trying to defend such a blatantly insensitive statement, by providing a blatantly inaccurate defense, as he experienced a misogynistic meltdown directed at Geller in the middle of the segment in which he said:

"You're a woman, you better be careful about saying who I carry water for."

...(Geller) "I was the only female on the panel and as we were prepping (getting mic'ed etc) for the show, Beckel was regaling his victims (Bob Hemmer, David Webb and Bolling) with sordid tales of pole dancers and the like. Grotesque and deliberate."

Geller states that the confrontation continued after the break:

"When we cut to break, Beckel chided Bolling for not bringing ‘Jewish slumlords' on the show (referring to Bolling's segment on Imam Rauf's status as a New Jersey slumlord, so named in a lawsuit against Rauf by Union City.) When I heard Beckel's Jew hating belch, I said ‘and you're an anti-Semite.' He told me to ‘kiss his ass' to which I responded that he would never get anyone anywhere in the world to get with that."
Not surprising that Beckel turned out to be the misogynist type and has such a tawdry view of women. In 2002, Beckel was blackmailed by a $300 per hour prostitute, "Tiffany" whom he paid a check for her services. Beckel showed more of what a low-class, SOB he is when he called Hannah Giles a "ho" on national TV. Giles threw Beckel's hooker fetish back in his face.
For a guy who very publicly talks about his recovery from substance abuse, Bob Beckel's TV appearances resemble the rants of a dry drunk more than anyone who is practicing a program of recovery.

Asshole Alan Grayson Twists His Opponent's Words For Campaign Ad; Compares Opponent To Taliban

In addition to the term "major league asshole," you can ad "manipulator" and "liar" when it comes to Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson.

This is a screenshot from a recent ad Grayson ran against his opponent, comparing him to the Taliban by using a video of Webster quoting the "wives submit to your husbands" verse found in the Bible.

Turns out that Grayson twisted Webster's words to make the ad.

From WDBO in Orlando:

WDBO told you Congressman Alan Grayson's campaign turned out a very negative television ad against rival Dan Webster, calling him Taliban Dan and accusing him of having 14th century views on women.

Turns out his words were twisted.

WDBO acquired the video (click here to watch video) of Webster's comments when he spoke to thousands of husbands.

"So write a journal, second find a verse. I have a verse for my wife, I have verses for my wife. Don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me," said Webster.

Maybe we can assume Alan Grayson is also bigoted towards anyone who is a Christian?

Sick! Founder Of Liberal Blog Compares Conservatives To Islamofascist Terrorists

Marcos "Screw Them" Moulitsas, the founder and proprietor of the Daily Kos, shows the desperation of the liberal movement who deny the existence of Islamofacist terrorism, but want to compare conservatives to al-Queda.

He espoused this insane theory in a book "American Taliban" and in the pages of the crap rag, The San Francisco Comicle yesterday.
Conservatives are fond of saying that "liberals want the terrorists to win." In fact, that has been a staple attack line since 9/11. But that has always been a ludicrous notion.

I oppose regressive Islamic fundamentalists for the same reason I oppose regressive conservatives - because whether it's their violent tendencies, views on women and gays, hostility to science and knowledge, or fear of pop culture, they're cut from the same ideological cloth.

Like their reactionary counterparts in the Middle East, the American Taliban fetishize guns and weaponry. In fact, President Obama's election has fueled an ammunition shortage that persists to this day. As myriad ideologically motivated violent incidents attest (such as the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, or the plane flown into the side of an IRS building in Dallas) (sic), they aren't afraid to cross that line. Heck, you have a top-tier Republican Senate candidate - Sharron Angle in Nevada - declaring that if Republicans don't take control of Congress, then "Second Amendment remedies" will be necessary. She's talking about revolution.

Why the anger and violence? Because the American Taliban seek to impose their rigid mores on a country that is generally uninterested. Most Americans value a woman's equal role in society. They value the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, including freedom of (and from) religion. They value open discussion and honest debate and our freedom to dissent. They value tolerance. And even where they fall short, such as marriage equality, they are more squeamish than hateful, and public sentiment is quickly moving the right way.

So when the American Taliban demonize efforts to build a Muslim community center (sic) at an old Burlington Coat Factory two blocks from ground zero, that is un-American and speaks to bigotry and intolerance. When they pass around Psalm 109 ("Let his days be few, and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow") amid much chuckling, that speaks to a violent outlook that is un-American.

...And when you have the Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, saying people shouldn't masturbate and that if she had the power, she would stop people from having sex, well, that kind of meddling in people's private lives is very, very un-American.

As unappetizing as the comparison might be to some, fact is, the reason I do not want the terrorists to win is the same reason I do not want American conservatives to win.
Kos doesn't want the terrorists to win? This is what he wrote in 2004 (screenshot below) after four American contractors were murdered, dragged through the streets, burned and hung from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq.

Every death should be on the front page

Let the people see what war is like. This isn’t an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush’s folly.

That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries [sic]. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them
That despicable and seditious comment hasn't kept the leadership of the Democrat Party (including Nancy Pelosi, "Dingy" Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, etc) from going to his Yearly Kos conferences or writing at this blog. Even Barack Hussein Obama wrote a couple of diary entries at the Daily Kooks.

So when Kos and his liberal allies call conservatives extreme, they are only projecting themselves. Because deep down, despite their writing to the contrary, they have nothing but contempt for the US Constitution and our nation's institutions. They also give cover to Islamofascist terrorists by using the "race card" being played by Muslim grievance groups.

Oh, by the way Kos, the Bush-hating suicide pilot flew the plane into the building in Austin, TX--not Dallas, I never heard Christine O'Donnell say she wanted to stop people from having sex, and the American Taliban isn't the conservative's a guy from Marin County named John Walker Lindh.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Developer Of Ground-Zero Victory Mosque To Speak At Hamas-Linked CAIR Fundraiser, Oct 9, in Arlington

The developer of the Ground Zero Victory mosque is coming to Arlington, VA in a couple of months to raiser money for an Islamic greivence group linked to Hamas? (WTOP)

In an e-mail announcement, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad says developer Sharif El-Gamal will speak at the group's 16th annual fundraising banquet on Oct. 9 in Arlington, Va.

The event is part of the organization's leadership conference billed under the theme "Defining Our Faith, Defending Our Rights." Awad says Islamophobia has become a growing threat to American Muslims and must be "challenged vigorously, methodically and comprehensively."

CAIR's Nihad Awad speaks with the Hezbollah flag off to the side

Who is also being honored at this fundraiser? Uncoverage reports that none other than anti-Semite Helen Thomas, who resigned from the White House Press Room after a video came out saying Jews in Israel should "get the Hell out of Palestine." Tariq Ramadan, who is the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood founder, is also going to be a speaker.

CAIR has been suspected of ties to the Palestinian terror group Hamas, and was named an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the Holy Land foundation trial, a group which was found to funnel money to Hamas. In 2009, a former Hamas fundraiser spoke at a CAIR function.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs wrote that she, Robert Spencer and James Lafferty (Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force) will be part of a protest of the event. If you're anywhere near Arlington, VA on Saturday, come on out!

Marin County Patriots....Two Thumbs Up

To Sally Zelikovsky and Bay Area Patriots for hosting another successful looney liberal Marin County California.

The Marin IJ states "some 300 people" came to the event at the Mill Valley Community Center (which means there were more than 300 people there, the IJ is notorious for under counting attendance at conservative events).

Bel Marin Keys resident Steve Cantor, 67, said he came to show his support for Republicans including Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Cantor said he has never volunteered for political campaigns before, but plans to go door-to-door this fall because he believes the country is "heading in a dangerous direction."

"Too many people in this country get paid for doing nothing and they're not contributing to the system," Cantor said.
Even some who attended once had and yet lost that "Hopey Changey" feeling.

Joanne Dichiera, 77, of Cotati, said she is an independent who has always voted for Democrats - including President Barack Obama - but was alarmed by federal initiatives including the stimulus package, the bailout of banks and car companies and the new health care law.

"Now I'm going to vote conservative, not necessarily the Republican but whoever the conservative is," Dichiera said. "I want someone who is fiscally responsible."

Bookroom Worm also went and reported on the event, with a twist.

Obama's DNC Astroturf Organization Joins Hands With Communist Party, Islamofascist Apologists, Unions, Racists & Race Baiters For "One Nation" Rally

Unions Offering Free Bus Rides To Oct. 2 DC Rally

The Tea Party has been described in many derogatory terms by Leftists and Democrats over the last year. Some of those terms include "extremist," "astroturf," and "racist."

Lo and behold, the real astroturf and extremists are coming to DC this coming Saturday--in an attempt to outdo the real grassroots uprising of middle-class and working Americans (Washington Examiner).

Stung by political setbacks and scrambling to avoid a repudiation of Democrats at the polls this November, a coalition of labor unions and liberal activist organizations is planning what it calls "the biggest progressive demonstration in decades" at the Lincoln Memorial next Saturday, October 2.

The march, called "One Nation Working Together," is sponsored by the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, the Service Employees International Union, La Raza,

And they call the Tea Party "racist?"

...the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of Teachers, the Rainbow Push Coalition, the Campaign for America's Future, and several other activist groups. The event is also being promoted by Organizing for America, the permanent wing of the Obama presidential campaign, which is sending out email notices to members asking that they travel to Washington to take part.

...In addition to the main organizers, participants will also include left-wing fringe groups like International ANSWER, Code Pink, and the Communist Party USA. The leaders of those groups are known for loud, confrontational demonstrations, which virtually assures that anyone looking for extremist elements in the One Nation gathering will be able to find them.

International ANSWER is a Communist front group for the Workers World Party. One of it's leaders, Ramsey Clark, was one Saddam Hussein's defense attorneys and another leader, Brian Becker, met recently with Iranian dictator Mahmood Ahmadamnutjob. Code Pinko members have given money to aid the terrorists in Iraq and expressed support for the "Iraqi Resistance" while protesting our military. They also support giving back Afghanistan to the oppressive Taliban regime. Co-founder Jodie Evans, who was also a top bundler for Obama, said Osama bin Laden had a "valid argument" for the 9/11 attacks on a radio show.

Locally, the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers is promoting this rally on their website.

Shouldn't the dues of the county's teachers be used to get them pay raises instead of promoting a rally of Left-wing extremists who are far removed from the American mainstream?

As mentioned by the Examiner, Barack Hussein Obama's DNC front group "Astroturfing for Obama" is endorsing this Left-wing hatefest. So this is Obama's "One America?" Labor and Teachers unions, Communists, Islamofascist dictator apologists, war resisters, racial separatist groups and race-baiters. Has anyone bothered to ask the White House about the links between the President's campaign group to these extremist groups?

I'll bet (based on my personal observations and those of others) that this rally will have table after table of Communist literature available.

But there's more to the story. Kristinn Taylor and Andrea King have found that some unions are offering free bus rides to the rally. Keep in mind that teachers unions and other similar organizations have benefited from Federal stimulus dollars. So, that poses the question, is this how labor unions are spending taxpayer dollars?

Remember that Ben Jealous and the NAACP announced this rally while at the same time slandering the Tea Party with the "racist" label. La Raza, the Hispanic version of the KKK? The Communist Party? Code Pinko? International ANSWER? Hey Ben Jealous, when you're finished making Nazi Germany comparisons (in a church of all places) to Obamacare opposition, may I invite you to view the real racist and extremist? It's the person you're looking at in the mirror.

NY Obama Volunteer Losing That Hopey Changey Feeling...

A hotel doorman in New York who was a former "diehard" fan of the Clintooons, was captivated by the Hopey Changey message of Barack Hussein Obama and went to work for the campaign. Eighteen months later, Greg Smith is having second thoughts (NYPost, via Weasel Zippers).
The day President Obama announced he was running for the White House was the happiest day in our household. On that day, Feb. 10, 2007, I became a volunteer for the campaign.

...I went to volunteer full time for Obama and was soon hired as an organizer for the campaign.

The night of Aug. 28, 2008, when Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, was one of the most exciting in my life. Michelle and Barack came backstage to thank us for all our hard work and told us we could sleep in the next day. I remember feeling giddy.

Two years later, I'm living a more sober reality.

My life is not better. I'm a college graduate and I still can't get a good job.

I'm back working as a doorman at a Manhattan hotel earning peanuts because my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I need the health insurance again.

I share the same sentiments of Velma Hart, the woman who confronted Obama at a town hall last week, saying she was tired of defending him. The idea of leaving New York is even on the table.

Obama has let professional politicians take over the White House -- and our dream of change.

I know it's childish to expect solutions to happen overnight. Obama inherited a big old mess, and I don't expect him to have everything figured out after 18 months.

But we're only human and we want to see some visible change.

I'm trying to keep up my hope -- but I'm afraid that instead of being that guy who knocked on doors in Denver, I'm now the person who needs convincing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cameraman Assualted For Videotaping Oregon's Democrat Governor At Public Candidates Forum

Video on Breitbart.TV, via

On September 23, 2010 I filmed a public "Meet and Greet" and speech by ex-Governor John Kitzhaber. Approximately 10 minutes into the speech the moderator informs the public not to film. I continue to to film as it is my First Amendment Right. I am assaulted. This is clearly seen on the video.
What is it with Democrats? They have a problem being filmed and will assault anyone who dares film them.

DOJ Christopher Coates Damning Testimony In New Black Panther Case--NAACP Legal Fund & Obama Administration Implicated

Is live right now on C-SPAN.

A pdf of his testimony is here from Pajamas Media.

Pages 8-10 are damning. It accuses the NAACP legal defense fund put pressure to "gut" the New Black Panther case, and that Voting Rights Act protections would not be extended to white voters.

Pages 13-14:

"Ms (Julie) Fernandez responded by telling the gathering that the Obama Administration was only interested in bringing traditional types of Section 2 cases that would provide political equality for racial and language minority voters, and she went on to say that this is what we are all about, or words to that effect. When Ms. Fernandez made that statement, everyone in the room understood exactly what she meant--no more cases like the Ike Brown or NBPP cases."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Jihad" Gerry Connolly Ducks One on One Debate With GOP Opponent In Front Of Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce is holding a debate on October 12th for the candidates of the three Congressional districts.

However, one candidate, Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, refused to meet his Republican opponent, Keith Fimian, in a one on one debate in front of the CofC, scheduled for tonight.

Tim Edson for Keith Fimian's campaign said.
“It should come as no surprise that Congressman Connolly refused to face the Fairfax County business community in a one-on-one debate with Keith Fimian. Connolly has consistently rubber stamped Speaker Pelosi’s anti-business agenda and voted against the interests of Northern Virginia businesses time after time.

Instead of a one-on-one debate, Connolly has opted for a format that simply does not give members of the Fairfax County business community time to question him on his anti-business record and cut through his double speak. With candidates from the 8th, 10th and 11th congressional districts debating for only an hour, Connolly believes he will be able to duck the tough questions.

Connolly’s anti-business policies include his support for card check, which would empower unions to run wild, cap-and-trade energy taxes, a health care bill that punishes struggling employers who can’t afford to provide health insurance and a myriad of new regulations and taxes which will increase the cost of doing business.

Keith Fimian is ready to debate Congressman Connolly one-on-one in front of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. Congressman Connolly’s refusal to face the chamber is a clear admission that his policies are terrible for business.”
Kinda like the way Connolly ducked town hall meetings last year, holding one instead in a gated retirement community.

FBI Chief: Homegrown Threats Associated With Al-Queda Are Rising

FBI Chief Robert Muller and Janet Incompitano discussed homegrown terror threats associated with Al-Queda (ABC).
"Groups affiliated with al Qaeda are now actively targeting the United States and looking to use Americans or Westerners who are able to remain undetected by heightened security measures," Mueller said. "It appears domestic extremism and radicalization appears to have become more pronounced based on the number of disruptions and incidents."

"Homegrown terrorists represent a new and changing facet of the terrorist threat." Napolitano said, "To be clear, by homegrown, I mean terrorist operatives who are U.S. persons, and who were radicalized in the United States."

The officials all pointed to a series of recent incidents that show that al Qaeda, its affiliates and associates were more active than ever.

"During the past year our nation has dealt with the most significant developments in the terrorist threat to the Homeland since 9/11," Leiter told the committee. "The attack threats are now more complex, and the diverse array of threats tests our ability to respond, and makes it difficult to predict where the next attack may come.

The attacks cited included:

The disruption of a plot to bomb the New York City subway by Najibullah Zazi, a naturalized U.S. citizen, last September.

The attack at Ft Hood Texas by gunman Army Maj. Nidal Hassan which resulted in 13 people killed and over 30 wounded.

The attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253 by alleged al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The averted May 1 bombing in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad.
According to Bob Woodward's new book, Obama's former director of intelligence, Dennis Blair, tried warning the Regime of Americans being trained in Pakistan to commit terrorist attacks. Allegedly, Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel told Blair, “You’re just trying to put this on us so it’s not your fault.”

But don't worry America, Dear Leader has assured us we can absorb another 9/11.

Don't you just feel safer?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Republican's 2010 "Pledge to America" Draft

Scribd link found at Gateway Pundit.

GOP Pledge to America

What I've seen looks good, but the important thing is this must be translated into action. And don't let "That One" claim credit for your success either.

Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Calls Tea Party "Those F**kers"

And he's unapologetic about it (WTOV via Right Ohio).
LARINGTON, Ohio — In the midst of a heated general election cycle, Ohio’s Democratic Party chairman is admitting he used some “colorful language” during a political event in Monroe County Monday night.

As the United Steelworkers union was announcing its endorsement for a number of Ohio democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland, Chris Redfern used a variation of the f-word to describe opponents to his party’s agenda.

A NEWS9 reporting crew was invited into the union hall in Clarington for the endorsement announcement, and the camera was rolling as Redfern leveled the expletive at critics in the tea party, who, in his words, believe health care is a privilege, not a right.

“If your kids are going to graduate from college, now he or she gets health care, your heath care, while he or she looks for a new job,” Redfern said. “It’s in the very base terms we win these arguments. Every time one of these (expletive deleted) says, excuse my language.”
Well F--him and his Party of Treason.

Check out Right Ohio for more examples of Redfern's asshattery.

If you're a Tea Party activist upset at Refern's comment, you can (politely) e-mail him at Or, you can call the Ohio Democrat Party at 614-221-6563, his extension is 102.

Woodward: Obama Wanted To Get Out Of War He Argued Needed To Be Won In 2008; Also Said US Could "Absorb" A Terror Attack

Flashback to July 15, 2008.
Contending that the U.S. is not pursuing a sound strategy for keeping Americans safe, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Tuesday that fighting al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan would be his top priority after ending the war in Iraq.
"This is a war that we have to win," Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery at the International Trade Center in Washington.
Today, in the Washington ComPost, the following account comes from Bob Woodward's new book.
President Obama urgently looked for a way out of the war in Afghanistan last year, repeatedly pressing his top military advisers for an exit plan that they never gave him, according to secret meeting notes and documents cited in a new book by journalist Bob Woodward.

..."This needs to be a plan about how we're going to hand it off and get out of Afghanistan," Obama is quoted as telling White House aides as he laid out his reasons for adding 30,000 troops in a short-term escalation. "Everything we're doing has to be focused on how we're going to get to the point where we can reduce our footprint. It's in our national security interest. There cannot be any wiggle room."
Obama rejected the military's request for 40,000 troops as part of an expansive mission that had no foreseeable end. "I'm not doing 10 years," he told Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a meeting on Oct. 26, 2009. "I'm not doing long-term nation-building. I am not spending a trillion dollars."

Yeah, I'd rather spend more than a trillion dollars on some ponzi healthcare scheme, or a "stimulus package" which is in reality a political slush fund. Hey Barack, you cannot put a price on our freedom and our's priceless. No wonder he spent over 70 days playing golf and putting off Gen. McChrystal and others when they needed the troops, because he's not serious about winning the war nor protecting us from future terror attacks.

But it gets worse, especially how he views terrorism.
Woodward's book portrays Obama and the White House as barraged by warnings about the threat of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and confronted with the difficulty in preventing them. During an interview with Woodward in July, the president said, "We can absorb a terrorist attack. We'll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger."

What the Hell is he saying? Come on you Islamofascist terrorists...bring it on! Clearly, he thinks 9/11 is no big deal. Why else would he refer to it as a "National Day of Service?"

Everything to do with our defense and security, Barack Hussein Obama clearly shows he is pandering to his Code Pinko bundlers and constituency, when he's not kissing the ass of radical Islamists who want to build Victory Mosques near Ground Zero. It's typical of how he and the extremist Democrats disrespect our military...they ignore them and their recommendations. Instead, the Democrats will cut their budgets and force the end of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" because the Dems pander heavily to the radical sodomy lobby who really don't want "tolerance," but instead seek to shove their lifestyle down the throats of America.

And yet liberals want to call Tea Partiers and some of our candidates "extreme?"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muslim Grievance Mongers Invoke Rosa Parks Over Issue of Victory Mosque

What do you do when a majority of the nation is opposed to your efforts?

Play the victim card...and maybe even invoke the images of Civil Rights icons.

That's what members of Islamic grievance groups did in front of the site of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque (Weasel Zippers and Jihad Watch).

And who was one of the speakers?
"Ground zero is all of ours," said Nihad Awad, the executive director of the [Hamas-linked] Council on American-Islamic Relations. "Ground zero does not belong to a specific group of people or religion. Ground zero belongs to all Americans, and we all share the grief, we all share the healing." He said it was unfair to associate the planned community center or all Muslims with 9/11.
You remember Nihad Awad: This him in front of the proposed Victory Mosque.

This is him in 2002, at a supposed "anti-war" rally in DC. Note the flag of Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah to the side of the stage. Awad is also wearing a "keffiyeh," commonly worn by dead terrorist leader Yasser Arafat.

So if Islam is not linked to terror, then why does Awad speak while a terrorist flag is on the stage, and wear clothing associated with a Palestinian terrorist?

It's also been revealed that one of the developers gave money to the Hamas linked Holy Land foundation, and that an associate of Imam Rauf is a 9/11 Troofer...all ignored by the lapdog media.

Monday, September 20, 2010

So Christine O'Donnell Once Practiced Witchcraft...Who (Expletive) Cares? Karl Rove Does....

And just who in the Hell is the twice-divorced Karl Rove to be playing Mother Mary?

There's a certain double standard at work when it comes to conservative vs. liberal candidates, and it's in play here again. If a liberal has done drugs, drinks, has multiple affairs, and I'd say practiced's a resume enhancer. If a conservative has done any of those and says something about "well, I made mistakes when I was younger," then the liberal morality patrol goes into action..."Weeeeeelllllllllll....what was it you did?????" We saw that when Rove's former boss, George W. Bush, underwent a virtual proctology exam in 2000 by the media, who were absolutely sure he did cocaine (but there never was proof).

Now Christine O'Donnell is going through the same thing, because she admitted to praciticing witchcraft when she was in high school, as well as for attacking the favorite pastime of Chris Matthews and Charles "Icarus" Johnson. The attacks on O'Donnell aren't from a sense of morality, but because liberals (and many of the "good ole boy" establishment GOP types like Rove) fear the rise of conservative women across the nation. So, like Sarah Palin, she is seen as someone to be destroyed by the libs, their lapdogs in the media, and the useful idiots in the GOP. Their sense of phony morality also assuages them of guilt over their own drug and sex orgies.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama admitted to doing not just the wacky weed, but also cocaine. He went to a racist, America hating "church," and hung out with an unrepentant, 1960s domestic terrorist. The media didn't care about any of this, and the only reason it was brought up because Obama was anything but transparent about his past.

So Christine O'Donnell admitted to doing witchcraft when she was younger, and may have been promiscuous. The real test should be if she (or anyone else) is mentioning that because of a sense of "Look, I did things I'm not proud of when I was younger, I learned from them and don't do that anymore." Who among us has lead a perfect life? I mean, God forbid I ever run for public office, the liberal morality police will head to south Texas and try to find out about all my underage drunken escapades and the crowd I hung with in my freshman year of college.

I also spun "Stairway to Heaven" backwards.

I fooled with Tarot cards (occult) a couple of times when I was in high school.

I'm not saying this to brag, but as an example of mistakes I made when I was younger, and no longer practice. I believe that's where Christine O'Donnell is coming from, a sense of being a better person from mistakes made in youth.

And, aren't there more important issues like today's economy and our current national security than what a Senate candidate did over 20 years ago?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Astroturfing for Obama's" Mob Thuggery, Part Deux: Spit At Breitbart & Call Him A "Homo" While They Denounce "Hate"

Over the last year, leftists and Democrats have accused the Tea Party of using racial slurs and spitting at black Congressmen, in addition to being "hatemongers."

But Barack Hussein Obama's foot soldiers called "Astroturfing for Obama" (real name-Organizing for America) have struck twice with documented instances of hateful behavior.

Wednesday, if you recall, AFO members picketed Americans for Prosperity Chicago headquarters with signs depicting several conservatives with Hitler moustaches.

Yesterday, outside the RightNation conference, media mogul Andrew Breitbart was confronting a group of AFO protesters who came disguised as a "religious" group, complete with "minister" (must have been an Episcopalian, Methodist or Unitarian). In the process, Breitbart was spit at, and was also called a homosexual because (according to one AFO member) he "talks like one."

Gateway Pundit has the videos, one of which was taken by Dana Loesch.

Friday, September 17, 2010

WOW! Protesters With "Nazi" Signs Linked To Obama Campaign, Pelosi & Democrat Rep. From Illinois

There's a video posted at Gateway Pundit about a protest outside the Chicago offices of Americans for Prosperity on Wednesday night. Signs were held depicting her opponent, Adam Kinzinger, as well as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as Nazis.

The photographer followed the protesters back to a building, which turned about to be the office of Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. GP also notes that one of the protesters, Anna Markowski, works for Obama's campaign front group Astroturfing for Obama (or Organizing for America). She was also the Missouri Deputy Regional Field Director for Barack Obama in 2008, and the OOS volunteer coordinator for the Obama 08 campaign. I also found a link with her name listed under the West Des Moines, IA Caucus field organization for Obama in 2008. Markowski works for the Halvorson campaign.

It gets better, another one of the protesters, Julie Merz, is not only Rep. Halvorsen’s campaign manager, she was just recently the Deputy Director of Member Services on Nancy Pelosi’s staff!

But don't look for this story on your local news.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wellesley, MA 6th Graders Videotaped Praying At Mosque On School Field Trip

I received this video from ACT for America, which was posted at the website for Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

The video was taken inside the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – Boston’s controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque – during a Wellesley Middle School social studies trip to the mosque, ostensibly taken to learn about the history of Islam first-hand. Yet the video reveals that the students are being blatantly mis-educated about Islam. A mosque spokesperson is seen teaching the children that in Mohammed’s 7th century Arabia women were allowed to vote, while in America women only gained that right a hundred years ago. This seems to be an increasingly recurring theme in American schools – the denigration of western civilization and the glorification of Islamic history and values. In fact, just recently, the American Textbook Council revealed that the New York State high school regents exam whitewashes the atrocities that occurred during the imperialistic Islamic conquest of Christian Byzantium, Persia, the African continent, and the Indian subcontinent, even as it demonizes European colonialism in South America.

The mosque spokesperson also taught the students that the only meaning of Jihad in Islam is a personal spiritual struggle, and that Jihad has historically had no relationship with holy war. As far as we know, the school has not corrected these false lessons.

For the past three years we’ve been sounding the alarm about the radical leadership and Saudi funding of the Boston mega-mosque and the organization that runs it, the Muslim American Society, which has been labeled by Federal prosecutors as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”
Where is the ACLU on this? Oh, my bad, it's only Christianity they object to. Likewise, where does Wellesley Middle School and the school board stand on this? I don't see any explanation on either the school's or school district website.

Karl Rove Countines Mouthing Off; Says "All Heck Isn't Breaking Loose." Has He Seen His Facebook Page?

Karl Rove went back on Fox News last night to talk to Greta van Susteren, and continued regurgitating the (debunked) "issues" about Christine O'Donnell.

"Tokyo Rove"

For a guy whom liberals derided as "Bush's Brain," he's simply not intelligent enough to realize he's jumped the shark, refusing to admit "all hell's broken loose" after his tantrum on Sean Hannity's show Tuesday evening.

If you need more proof of how Rove is in denial, look at his Facebook page (he obviously hasn't), where all has broken loose since Tuesday evening.

Rove, Mike Castle, Charlie Crist, and that other loser Lisa Murkowski have a lot in common with liberal Democrats. They're showing just how out of touch they are with the American people. They thought they could throw any RINO Republican (no matter how liberal they are) up against a Democrat and the voters would hold their noses at the polls and pull the lever. They did that in 2004 with Arlen Sphincter and look what that not so brilliant move churned out. Voters aren't buying the same snake oil today. Now, Rove, et al, are having their public temper tantrum, because the power of the "good ole boy" Republican establishment is being threatened.

Liberals in the Democrat Party and lapdog media operated under the misconception that the Tea Party was just a bunch of Republicans who wanted to get rid of all Democrats. What has happened in Alaska, Florida and now in Delaware proves that theory wrong. Establishment Republicans are just as bad, if not worse, than liberal Democrats, and they need to be taken out with the rest of the trash in November.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Screw The NRSC! They Won't Back Christine O'Donnell

Leave it to the Republican Party to have the wind at their backs in this mid-term election, only to screw it up because of the entrenched Republican establishment who isn't afraid to trump conservative principles just to win elections.

When the "Good Ole Boy" Republican establishment couldn't defeat Christine O'Donnell with smears and innuendo, they've now decided to withhold money to her campaign from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Karl Rove on Fox News showed just how unconservative he is when he decided to bash O'Donnell after her trouncing of liberal Republican Mike Castle. Keep in mind that Rove got the Bush Administration to support Benedict Arnold Arlen Sphincter over conservative Pat Toomey in 2004. Sphincter became an Obama supporting Democrat in 2009....great job there Karl & Dubya!

O'Donnell struck back hard. According to Michelle Malkin, O'Donnell brought a 9/12 supporter who revealed how Karl Rove met with Tea Party activists and tried to encourage them to back the "more electable" candidate (Castle). That story is expanded in The Freedomist.

How bout it Karl? O'Donnell's clearly not the dumb little girl you act like she is.

I've checked the NRSC's Facebook page and so many are posting their displeasure with this backstabbing. Keep it up!

Jim DeMint's PAC is helping O'Donnell out. Here's the link.

There's also a new Facebook group called NRSC - National RINO Suicide Committee.
Here's my message to the NRSC.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

O'Donnell Handly Wins Delaware Senate Primary!


With 66 percent of the precincts, as of 8:50 p.m. EDT, Christine O'Donnell leads Mike Castle 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent of the vote.

UPDATE 8:58 with 75 percent it is O'Donnell leading Castle 53.6 to 46.4 percent.

UPDATE 9:01 PM with 81 percent O'Donnell pulling away 54.0 to 46.0 percent.

UPDATE 9:06 p.m still 54 to 46 percent O'Donnell at 85 percent of vote counted.

UPDATE: 9:11 p.m. - with 98 percnet of vote counted, it's O'Donnell 53.2 percent to Castle 46.8 percent



Republican Establishment Just Doesn't Get It In Delaware

I've been meaning to comment on the Delaware Senate Primary, which is being held today, but haven't because of the other goodies.

But if I were a resident of the state I would vote for and proudly support a solid conservative named Christine O'Donnell for US Senate.

The establishment Republicans in the state, as well as the national party, show in many ways they still don't understand the feelings of the electorate. It's not good enough to be a Republican and run this year. The electorate isn't satisfied with electing a "Democrat lite" who runs as a Republican.

Mike Castle reminds me of that (what was her name???) Dede Scazafova earlier this year in NY 23. True, there was a difference, in that it was a special election, but the establishment party and some misguided conservatives got behind Scazafova, despite the fact she was just as liberal as a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Castle is the same way....he can't be called a RINO because he's worse than one.

What's worse, is the Party getting behind Castle and smearing O'Donnell in the process. What's the problem? It seems to be that the Tea Party Revolution is showing it's not just a threat to Democrats, but also to the "good ole boy" Republican establishment, many of whom are too weak kneed to lead and are willing to "go along to get along." That's what got voters soured on the GOP in 2006-2008: being to wishy-washy, and fear of being perceived as "too conservative."

So while the GOP claims to try and reach out to the Tea Party, they're showing that, by backing Castle, they don't really understand what the Tea Party is all about. It's not just about defeating Democrats and electing Republicans, but electing solid conservatives who will govern according to the Constitution.

So, if you're in Delaware, do America proud and help send Christine O'Donnell to the US Senate.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam's Associate Says 9/11 Was "Inside Job"

No wonder Obama endorses the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, as an associate of Imam Rauf and Van Jones have something in common (New York Post).

A founding member of an organization run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the driving force behind the planned mosque near Ground Zero, claims that the 9/11 attacks were an "inside job" and that Muslims have been made scapegoats, The Post has learned.

Der Speigel photo showing Khan leading a service at the Victory Mosque site.

Faiz Khan -- who has preached at least twice at the former Burlington Coat Factory building, the site of the proposed mosque -- was for years Rauf's partner in the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims, which is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Islam.

Khan also serves on the advisory board of Muslims for 9/11 Truth and is a founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, known as MUJCA.

On MUJCA's Web site, Khan wrote that "the inescapable fact [is] that 9/11 was an inside job."

"The prime factor for the success of the criminal mission known as 9/11 did not come from the quarter known as 'militant Islam,' although the phenomenon known as 'militant Islamic networks' may have played a partial role, or even a less than partial role -- perhaps the role of patsy and scapegoat," he wrote in documents uncovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

When The Post asked Khan who he thought was responsible for 9/11, he initially declined comment, but later said in an e-mail: "I am certain of a few things . . . The towers and WTC 7 could not have collapsed without controlled demolition place from the 'inside.' "

Ray Locker, managing director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said: "For someone who claims he wants the mosque project near Ground Zero to help build bridges and heal the wounds from 9/11, it's odd that one of Feisal Rauf's fellow bridge builders is someone who thinks the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people were an 'inside job' by the US government."

Khan told a group of 9/11 deniers at a 2006 Chicago summit called "Revealing the Truth/Reclaiming Our Future" that "the most logical explanation" for 9/11 is that the hijackers were working for corporate America and that the heroin trade creates "billions of dollars" that are laundered by "Citicorp and Procter & Gamble."

Imam Rauf told the Coucil of Foreign Relations that it was "disningenuous" to label the area where the Victory Mosque was to be located 'hallowed ground.' He repeated his not so veiled threat to America as well, stating “the world will be watching what we do.”

Some peacemaker, huh?

From Gateway Pundit, Khan also signed the 9/11 Troof petition.

Lapdog Media's Washington ComPost Mostly Ignores We The People Who Rallied On 912

After posting the photos and videos from yesterdays 912 Tea Party rally, I'm getting notes from people saying that they have seen hardly any coverage from the news media lapdogs about yesterday's rallies.

I checked both Washington DC newspapers this morning, and the difference between them is startling.

The Washington ComPost, the liberal organ which is practically a daily love letter to Obama, ignored the rally yesterday where tens of thousands (I've heard no official estimates yet, but it was big) attended.

Their big Tea Party story on the front page was the political assault on real conservative Christine O'Donnell by the Delaware GOP's "good ole boy" network.

Online, the ComPost's rally coverage was just a blip.

The more conservative Washington Times had a photo of the rally on the front page.
Now, if there'd been an allegation of a racial slur, it would have made the ComPost front page.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Imam Of Victory Mosque Now Blames Sarah Palin For "Growing Islamophobia"

The so-called "bridge builder" who is the Imam for the planned Ground Zero Victory Mosque, Feisal Rauf, is suffering from a bad case of PDS (Palin Dergangement Syndrome).

He's blaming Sarah Palin for the alleged "growing Islamophobia" that Muslim grievance groups are screaming about (UK Telegraph).
"What has happened is that..certain politicians decided that this project would be very useful for their political ambitions," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said, adding that this had prompted a "growing Islamophobia" in the US.

Imam Rauf's proposal for an Islamic Centre, containing a mosque, two blocks from the site of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre, has become embroiled in controversy.

Mrs Palin was the first major national figure to get involved in what had been a localised dispute when she sent a Twitter message in July stating: "Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing."

Imam Rauf said Mrs Palin's intervention had been "disingenuous" and played a part of the issue being "hijacked by the radicals" over the summer.
But the IslamoGrievance mongers, as well as our Appeaser-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, never acknowledge the roles of these Muslims in the attacks against America on 9/11.
Instead, they're just a "sorry band of men."

Never mind that the so-called "religion of peace" has committed over 16,000 acts of terrorism since 9/11. And yet Muslims want to act like they're the victims?

Here's another flash for you, Imam Rauf! Your claim of "growing Islamophobia" in America is a steaming crock of shit! According to the most recent FBI stats, 65.7 percent of "hate crimes" were committed against (drum roll please) Jews. Status for Muslim hate crimes was just under eight percent (7.7 percent). This is all an intimidation tactic by you, CAIR and all those other phony baloney groups to intimidate Americans into silence.

You're far from a peacemaker, Imam Rauf, and I think the only bridges you'd like to build are bridges to a Shariah compliant America--the opposite of what our Founding Fathers created.

912 DC 2010 - Threat Of Rain Doesn't Keep Thousands Of Patriots From Marching On Capitol Hill

Thanks to Skye and to Uncoverage for the links:

Not even dark clouds and the threat of rain could keep Patriots from across the nation from marching on Capitol Hill today, as they did one year ago.

The march began at the Washington Monument and proceeded up to Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol lawn.

Among the speakers were Tito the Builder:

Rep. Mike Pence:

The Gatlin Bros. sang "America the Beautiful" and a new rendition of "All The Gold in California," in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in Nancy Pelosi's name! Lip synching done in the lower right corner by Robert Stacy McCain.

As the sun began to peek out of the grey clouds, Andrew Breitbart, who has shined a bright light of exposure on the Left over the last year, spoke.

I found several offices of the liberal elite in DC, along Pennsylvania Ave.

Here's some of the signs seen during the day.

This is what the Washington Monument area, where the march began looked like when I drove by on my way back home this afternoon. I don't see a speck of trash, do you?

As important as November 2nd is for America, activists also told those in attendance to remember November 3rd as well, so that those who are elected to Congress will be held accountable by Tea Party activists.

Other Tea Parties were held in St. Louis, where Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit was speaking, and in Sacramento, CA.

Dana Loesch has more from St. Louis.

Thanks to for linking to some of my vids.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

40,000 Patriots Near Ground Zero Say "NO!" To Victory Mosque

America Rising! (Atlas Shrugs)

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples.

Crickets are chirping in taqiya media newsrooms nationwide (although they were all there). There has been no coverage.

We organized a rally of remembrance that dwarfed the opposition. If the America haters had 4,000, we had ten times more. The media is playing the dueling rallies; it was no such thing.

Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white ........ politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.

But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York's proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.

Pay attention Michael Bloomberg, Barack Hussein Obama and all you Dhimmicrats! Don't lecture us about "tolerance" when you show none to American's who dissent from your appeasment mentality. You want to see unity? Take a look at the photos!