Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What "Dirty Tricks" Did You Do For Obama?

Via Kristinn at FreeRepublic:
Leading gay blogger John Aravosis, writing today at his Americablog about White House spokesman Robert Gibbs attacking inside the beltway progressive critics of Barack Obama, like Aravosis, let slip that he performed surreptitious "dirty work" for Obama at the behest of his 2008 presidential campaign:

Joe and I are upset with Obama, and we, for example, raised nearly $43,000 for the man, According to the White House, our money now doesn't count. Great, would they like to give it back? I for one, would love the $1000 back that I personally donated to the Obama campaign. Joe gave even more. I suspect a lot of our readers wouldn't mind their contributions back too, since apparently they're not appreciated.

Then there's all that work we did for the campaign, all the dirty work they asked us to do - and we did it, gladly, and quietly - none of that counted either, apparently.

Presumably, the "Joe" who Aravosis mentions his Americablog's deputy editor Joe Sudbay.

Aravosis does not detail the "dirty work" he and "Joe" did for the Obama campaign, however he has earned a reputation for despicable, life destroying behavior against poltical opponents.

Aravosis gained prominence earlier this decade for outing closeted homosexuals who did not follow the liberal homosexual agenda.
So, what dirty work did you do John?

I seem to remember there was a certain President whose Administration was brought down about this time 36 years ago after similar "dirty tricks" occurred with people linked to him were exposed by the media. The difference is, today, that the media is busy acting like Richard Nixon in covering up the dirty tricks done by the Obama Administration.

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