Monday, August 02, 2010

Virginia Attorney Gen. Says Police Have Right To Ask Immigration Status; Illegal Alien Supporters Desecrate US/AZ Flags At Outside Rally (Video)

Thank God we in Virginia have elected a great attorney general in Ken Cuccinelli, as he stated today that police in Virginia have the right to inquire about immigration status during criminal investigations (NBC).
Virginia State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said that Virginia police have the authority to ask people they stop about their immigration status during criminal investigations.

His opinion confirms that law enforcement officers in Virginia have the same right as Arizona police to inquire about immigration status in special circumstances. Civilian authorities investigating zoning issues, for example, do not have the right to compel someone to reveal his immigration status, and police investigating criminal cases, who may question someone over immigration status, cannot substantially lengthen a stop with an inquiry over immigration.

Cuccinelli's opinion comes in response to a question raised by Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13th) from Prince William County. The County made waves last week when Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart proposed new legislation regarding illegal immigration. His proposed statewide "Rule of Law" legislation, modeled after Arizona's controversial (to liberals only) law, is notable given that Stewart does not hold a state office.
For all those who complain about "profiling" let me ask you if you've been through a Border Patrol checkpoint near the US/Mexico border? Chances are, even if you're a "cracker," you will be asked if you are a US citizen. Think I'm joking. I've been asked that (most recently as three years ago), near the Sarita, TX checkpoint after a visit to the Rio Grande Valley. Other family members and friends have been asked the same question. When driving from the Valley to attend college in nearby Kingsville, I've even had my car searched because, guess what? I fit a profile of someone (young college student, going back to school) who might have been smuggling drugs.

I guess I should have yelled "RAAAACIST!!!!"

Speaking of which, all the idiots bussed in from California who are screaming "racist" and "Nazi" over the Arizona SB 1070 did something that is enough to make you want to punch your monitor. I saw this video (beware if you take high blood pressure medication) from a Facebook friend,
Are you going to call these SB 1070 supporters "racists," you liberal open-borders idiots?

Yet Barack Hussein Obama calls those of us who support Arizona "anti-immigrant." No we're not! No one is against LEGAL immigration, President Thin-Skinned. I notice that you don't have anything to say about the real demagogues on this issue, these illegal alien rent-a-mobs who desecrate our flag and scream "racist" or "Nazi."

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