Thursday, August 05, 2010

Virginia 11th Distirct Race Said To "Set Tone" For Election Night 2010

CNN yesterday called the rematch between Republican Keith Fimian and liberal Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly for Virginia's 11th District Congressional Seat (not far from here) the race that will "set the tone" for Election Night 2010.

Keith Fimian sent out that message in an e-mail to supporters as well:
After rubber stamping Speaker Pelosi’s agenda of bigger government, reckless spending, and billions in new taxes 97 percent of the time, there is no question Gerry Connolly is vulnerable. The most recent available poll has me leading 40-35 percent among likely voters and 43-28 percent among independents. Connolly knows he is behind. He conducted a poll in May he is refusing to release.

Others are taking note as well, and not only are they saying Connolly is vulnerable, they are saying control of Congress comes down to Virginia’s 11th District.

"The Republicans legitimately have 70 Democratic seats and the Democrats have 10 Democratic seats in play. The pickup for Republicans — 20-25 seats is easy, after that, it gets inside the ten-yard line. ... If they take my seat [VA-11], they’ll take the House." --Tom Davis quoted in Politico 7/15/2010

"…if Connolly loses his seat, ‘we will lose the House." --Terry McAuliffe quoted in Mount Vernon Voice, 7/28/10.
And believe me, Connolly is someone who needs to be given a pink slip.

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