Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Victory Mosque Supporter Verbally Attacks Holocaust Survivor, Media Ignores & Caught Trying To Make The Story

If you needed to know how much the lapdogs in the media are on the side of the Victory Mosque, here's another reminder.

Donald Douglas at American Power has the following video of some hippie Leftist mosque supporter who verballs attacks a Holocaust Survivor protesting the Victory Mosque.

When the cameraman catches up with the hippie piece of dreck, he calls the Holocaust survivor "an unpatriotic, treasonous piece of garbage. He wouldn't know the "G*ddamn Constitution if it hit him in the fuckin' face, Okay?"

The person who took the footage said this whole thing happened in full view of the news cameras and they did not film this!

Instead, the lapdog media, namely ABC (aka All Barack Channel, or All Bolshevik Crap) was trying to make news. You know, proke a confrontation so that they would have a story about the Victory Mosque opponents to run, in a negative light.

Andrea Lafferty has a story at Big Peace of how she caught an ABC staffer doing just that.

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