Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tommy Christopher of Mediaite Latest To Push Andre Carson's Tea Party Called Us The N-Word" Lie

Add Tommy Christopher of Mediaite to the rest of the lapdog media pushing what Goebbels called "the big lie," that being the allegation by Andre Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus that they were called the "n-word" by Tea Party members on March 20.

I've addressed the background here.

Christopher's arguments are really flimsy at best. His witnesses? The members of the CBC, including Emmanuel Cleaver, who never walked with Lewis and Carson when the slurs allegedly happened. Lewis himself never said he was called the slur. Christopher's other flimsy argument: what gives anyone the right to call John Lewis a liar after what he went through at the hands of anti-civil rights inbreds 50 years ago.

That's why I've always believed the CBC did what they did, to have John Lewis as a sort of unimpeachable witness as a way to silence any challenges to the CBC's slander of the Tea Party.

Larry O'Connor does a great job of taking apart Christopher's claims in the following Big Government piece.

The problem with Tommy Christopher's piece and claims is that he wasn't there. As one eyewitness to these events, I e-mailed him after reading O'Connor's piece. Like members of the McClatchy News Service, Dana Milbank of the Washington ComPost, and a few others in the lapdog media who have parroted this lie as if it were the gospel truth, Christopher did not have the courage to write me back.

On Friday evening, I posted the following comment at Mediaite.

Keep this in mind. The CBC were trumpeting this as if it actually happened. When the videos came out proving it did not, they were no where to be heard. In some instances (Andre Carson) their stories changed. None of them bothered to follow up with the Tea Party Federation's good faith letter asking for help to investigate the allegation. CBC members have refused to talk further about it.

You would think if they were telling the truth, the opposite would be happening.

As I write this on Sunday evening, no word yet from Mr. Christopher. Not surprising.

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