Friday, August 27, 2010

"Suspicious" Package Delivered To Home Of America's 9/11 Foundation Founder

No word yet on what this might be, as it is unconfirmed, but unlike some (namely a "husky pony-tailed blogger"/failed jazz guitarist) I will not speculate until hard evidence.

This is from
Tonight at Ted Sjurseth, Founder of America’s 9/11 Foundation, has a suspicious package delivered to his home around 6:00 PM. Ted called police and about 7:00 PM the police removed his family to call the Loudon County Virginia Bomb Squad. Ted and another Foundation Officer named Nick have been receiving death threats since their television appearances after the America’s 9/11 annual motorcycle ride. Ted Sjurseth appeared on the Sunday morning Fox and Friends Show on 8/22/2010. The appearance was this:

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The Ted was asked later to be on MSMBC, Chris Mathews and Morning Joe Shows. They were:

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The threats started after the MSNBC interviews. The 9/11 Foundation was just there to be interviewed about their ride. They were drawn into the debate about the buildings. It was a liberal setup.
Like I said, I will not speculate until there are facts as to this package. But how horrible that someone who wants to honor those who we lost on 9/11 have death threats made against them by scum of the Earth.

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Terri said...

My husband, a Loudoun County deputy came home and told me about the suspicious package today and the death threats that Ted has been receiving. I dont have any details on the package, but it didnt sound good.