Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roger Ebert Should Change His First Name To "Richard"

...so we can all call him "Dick" (Newsbusters).

In a passionate and politically-charged post on his blog, Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert wrote that Glenn Beck is a "zealot" who makes "daily insinuations" that President Obama is a secret Muslim and that Sarah Palin uses "Mein Kampf" tactics and "coded words" on Twitter.

"One buried motive for the attacks on Park51 is exploitation of the insane belief of 20% of Americans that President Obama is a Muslim," wrote Ebert in the Aug. 19 blog post. "Zealots like Glenn Beck, with his almost daily insinuations about the Muslim grandfather Obama never knew and the father he met only once, are encouraging this mistaken belief."

Ebert also slammed Sarah Palin, writing that "her tweets are mine fields of coded words; for her, 'patriot' is defined as, 'those who agree with me.' When she says 'Americans,' it is not inclusive."

But then Ebert took an even more bizarre turn, writing that "By implying Dr. Laura was silenced by 'Constitutional obstructionists,' [Palin] employs the methodology of the Big Lie, defined in Mein Kampf as an untruth so colossal that 'no one would believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.'"

No, Roger, the "Big Lie" is coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and the media lapdogs like you that tell us things never were so good. Speaking of the "Big Lie" let me remind you that you had your nose so far up the fat ass of a big liar (Michael Moore) you're face could have been used for toilet paper.

So, stick to what you know best, Roger, giving another two thumbs up for crap made by uneducated Hollywood liberals, and quit writing mindless word drool which you pass off as political opinion.

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