Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photos From "Impeach Obama" Rally In San Diego

No, I wasn't able to make this one, but someone who did posted these photos on

" Jim Thompson," founder of FreeRepublic, showed up.


Retire Woosley said...

The conservatives are coming out of the closet in Marin & Sonoma to support a local business man that is running to unseat Progressive Lynn Woolsey.
Check him out > and

Great blog.
Keep on writing.
Retire Woolsey Dot Com

Roger Ogden said...

Nice photos. I love the sign, "Obama Lies, Freedom Dies." Think that I will plagiarize that one.

Roger Ogden said...

Just to let you know, we are scheduling Impeach Obama Tea Parties in cities across the country for November 13th. Here's a link.

Since you were the first to post something on our first protest, thought I would let you know early.

Roger Ogden said...

Not sure may earlier message went through. We are schuduling Impeach Obama protests all over the country for November 13th.