Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photos and Video From Restoring Honor Rally - Washington DC, August 28, 2010


Thanks to Weasel Zippers, Gateway Pundit, Dana Loesch & Skye at Midnight Blue for the links:

I've just returned from Washington DC, after attending the Restoring Honor Rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

This is what the crowd looked like from the top of the steps, near the end of the program.

During Sarah Palin's speech:

This was a shot in between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial. I met up with a few friends from here, and also finally met Concrete Bob, who is also an author at United Conservatives of Viginia.

And looking back towards the Washington Monument. This was around the time Dr. Alveda King was speaking.

Glenn Beck welcomes the crowd.

Gateway Pundit posted an estimate of 500,000 attending the rally. It's possible that number might have been higher. People were coming from across the Memorial Bridge from Arlington National Cemetery Metro stop, Foggy Bottom and Smithsonian.

This was what the Metro looked like when I got on at West Falls Church, it was similar to, if not more people, to September 12th last year.

Police were around everywhere....

...including...a SWAT team?
The fire department even open up a hose to cool participants off.

Leftist Infiltrators:

Walking on the way to the rally, I encountered a religious gathering under a large sign of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Seeing an SEIU member there was an indication as to who was behind this.
Plus this sign was close by, depicting Glenn Beck as a "nightmare" to Dr. King's dream....

...and is it any wonder that one of the people holding the sign was wearing an Obama t-shirt?
Near the World War II memorial, I caught these people being interviewed near the rally.

Though no signs were permitted in the rally area, this guy was holding a racist sign meant to provoke the crowd.

No surprise here, the guy with the "DC Does Not Hate" sign is another Obama supporter.
More signs attacking Glenn Beck...
and claiming Fox News is funding terrorism.
There was a debate with some film crew and some in the crowd about the Ground Zero Victory Mosque:

The wackos from PETA were there, using the "teabagger" slur popular among the Left, as well as the sexual innuendo, since PETA is known to be sex-obsessed from their own provocative (and risque) advertisements.

Destroying The Liberal's "All White Crowd" Myth:
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King's message.
AP must have missed these folks:
These black Tea Partiers in the video below got into a spirited exchange. Somehow they were able to bring signs in and illustrated the links between the Democrat Party and the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Listen as one of the Lefties calls Christianity "the White man's religion."

Other Interesting People:

Street preachers...
People in Revolutionary garb...
And "Moses" (doesn't look like Charlton Heston)...
But the most important message today....

My friend Skye from Midnight Blue was there as well, and here's a link to her photos from the rally.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great pictures and for showing all who attended.

Unknown said...

Excellent post. Like the way you showed the ugly left as well. I know it might not have been hard to remain fair and balanced but you handled yourself like a true American and for that I commend you.

Thank you for sharing this glorious day through your lenses.

Anonymous said...

Your account of the day was the best I've seen. Thank you for a unique view. Good job.

Lisa G in NZ said...

thanks for posting these pics... glad you were able to attend the rally!

I linked to your photos on my post today...

cheers from Lisa G in NZ

Rose said...

Awesome! I have friends who were also there.

commoncents said...

Great post! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

Necromancer said...

Great pictures. Thank you for posting them. I am going to borrow the one of the mall but it will not be used anywhere. it will just be for my picture collection.
"Semper Fi"
In fact I may even add the site to bookmarks.

Sarge said...

I still don't get it... how is it supposed to reflect badly on the ORGANIZERS of a rally dedicated to honor, faith, and patriotism that any particular ethnic group is somehow "under-represented" among the AUDIENCE?

Seeing as attending is voluntary, doesn't it instead reflect badly on the ethnic groups in question that they would avoid attending such a rally?

Unknown said...

Very well rounded - thanks for taking the time to take and post the photos and videos - the truth will out. I grew up in Marin and am a conservative radio talk show host ( and columnist in the land of liberals. Currently taking refuge in Redding. Is that boat from Bodega Bay? It seems oddly familiar...

Papa Giorgio said...


Great stuff. I posted your vid on my blog and had mass hits via Free Republic. Someone just mentioned that this is your blog, so I added a link here from the vid and am adding you to my bloggroll.

Again, great stuff man, thanks: