Saturday, August 21, 2010

Liberal Bookstore Owner On Martha's Vineyard Cries After "That One" Enters Her Book Store

Get the barf bag ready as you click here to see a video of Obama visiting a bookstore on Martha's Vineyard.
Owner Dawn Braasch: "We talked about what books he was reading, books that are coming out. He was very clear that this was for his girls. And we kind of let him shop quietly on his own. But he was just the loveliest person, I felt like I'd known him my whole life....[I was crying] because I adore him and it was such an honor to have him in my bookstore."
HotAirPundit, where I found the video, said:
Yeah, there's a lot of other people crying, those that are unemployed that can't find a job, one's facing forclosure, they look for help and they see an out of touch President living large in Martha's Vineyard while they transfer balances from one credit card to another...There's a lot of people crying out there Mrs. Braasch.

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