Friday, August 27, 2010

Lefties Disappointed: Supposed "Anti-Muslim" Bias Crimes Turn Out To Be "Isolated Incidents"

Over the last couple of days, a Muslim cab driver has his throat slashed and a guy urinates in a mosque.

Leftie bloggers, including a sorry sack of crap known as the "husky, pony-tailed blogger" wet their panties in excitement, accusing Fox News, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and everyone who opposes the Ground Zero Victory Mosque of being behind it. Even the Islamofascist linked Muslim Brotherhood agreed with the failed, dope smoking former jazz guitarist.

Only one problem. The cabbie is a Muslim, but is against the Victory Mosque. The perp is a filmmaker linked to a group supporting the mosque. As for the "urination" incident, it was a simply a case of a drunk with a bad case of Ozzy Osbourne Syndrome (no not the bat, the Alamo).

Others have noted how these same Leftist bloggers have a history of making such accusations, without any evidence. Remember the names of Bill Sparkman, Joe Stack (Austin TX suicide pilot), and the Pentagon Metro shooter? All these crimes were allegedly committed by Tea Party members, according to the Left blogosphere. When the facts showed otherwise, none of them, "Icarus" included, retracted their posts.

As a result of this innuendo from the pony-tailed bike rider, TPM, Think Progress, Daily Kos, is it any wonder that Geller and FreedomWorks are now on the receiving of end death threats? The race card has been thrown around so much it has no value, and only inflames Leftist bigotry. Today in DC, another bigot threw out the "Tea Party as KKK" comparison with no justification or proof mind you; but simply because, as a Leftist, the alleged "Rev." Walter Fauntroy can get away with his bigotry.

The proof is in the pudding. Despite the phony cries of rising anti-Muslim bias crimes, the proof is not on their side. 65 percent of all religious bias crimes are committed against....Jews. Despite all the allegations of racial slurs by the Tea Party against black Congressmen, which were proven not to be true, the media and Leftist bigots in the blogosphere have ignored the verbal attack on a Holocaust survivor, and anti-Semitism among Victory Mosque supporters.

Facts mean nothing to Leftists, just smear and innuendo, which are the mark of not only how they've lost the intellectual arguement, but are also intellectually shallow.

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