Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jerry Brown's CA Gov. Campaign To Be Aided With Fund Raiser By Islamofascist Terror Ally Jodie Evans: UPDATE Counterprotest Planned

Thanks to Jane Jamison of Uncoverage for the link!

Will the media in California ignore the connection between the Party of Treason's nominee for California Governor (Jerry "Moonbeams" Brown) and Code Pinko's Jodie Evans, like they did her status as a top bundler for Barack Hussein Obama's campaign? (Photo below from Big Peace)

Evans and her group of screeching hags (plus a couple of metrosexual "men") have given $600,000 in aid in 2004 to the terrorist insurgency in Fallujah, Iraq, and called for the support of the terrorist insurgency in Iraq the following year. Evans has also met with Obama several times, including at the White House, and asked him to withdraw from Afghanistan so that Afghan women can be treated like chattel again by the oppressive Taliban.

The Code Pinkos have also used the BP oil spill to push for no more drilling in some pretty grotesque ways. I recommend you stay away from their YouTube channel, as Jonn from This Ain't Hell reported there is a video of Medusa Benjamin naked.

This SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st, there is an event for California Attorney General Jerry Brown that is hosted by CODE PINK’s founding member Jodie Evans. Evans is a principal leader of the radical group and is one of their wealthy benefactors who bankrolls the group’s activities. She’s holding an event at her home in Venice, California this weekend to provide support and funds to Jerry Brown, who is running for Governor of California and obviously will take money from anyone – even disgraced anti-troop people like this! The next thing we will hear is that Jane Fonda will be there!

MAF is organizing a protest against this insult to our troops! Make a donation to help us!

We’re calling on Jerry Brown to cancel his event with CODE PINK because any real American should know better than to associate with a group like CODE PINK who actively aided and abetted our enemies in the war on terror. CODE PINK sympathizes with the terrorists’ point of view, and sees America as an evil, imperialist nation that deserves to be destroyed by the terrorists.
And yet Jerry Brown's spokesmouth Sterling Clifford has the audacity to claim Mel's language is "counter-productive and insulting to voters?" Hey Clifford, you know what is insulting to voters? You and the Clown camp pretending that Jodie Evans is just simply "poltically active," while ignoring that she claimed Bin Laden had a valid reason for the 9/11 attacks in a 2008 radio show, and her group that rallied recently for the release of a Benedict Arnold named Bradley Manning, the WikiLeaks leaker currently imprisoned at Quantico, VA.

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