Monday, August 30, 2010

Huffington Post Author Offers Cash Reward For Dirt On Glenn Beck; Article Pulled After Exposes It

Way to go Kristinn Taylor at, for a job well done!

This morning, Taylor posted an article exposing how former Air(head) America editor in chief Beau Friedlander wrote a Huffington Post piece offering $100,000 for "sex tapes" or "phone records" in an effort to destroy Glenn Beck.

The post was picked up by several on Twitter and the blogosphere, until HP took the article down.

Here is a screenshot of the cached page.

The message, and the attendance of Beck's rally has obviously hit the Left hard, and their ratcheting up their hate and vitriol because they know they're losing the message.

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Larry Sheldon said...

Is there still any question as to how despicable the Huffington Post is.

(Yes, I read the BF eerrrrr BS--hard to tell them apart disclaimer.)

Would have been no problem is nobody had complained, huh Ariana?

No, I'm wrong. It isn't even despicable--I don't know words bad enough for this.