Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ground Zero Victory Mosque Is The Latest Chapter In The Left's War On Ground Zero

September 11, 2001 was our generation's Pearl Harbor.

Like December 7th 1941, it was a date in which America was attacked in an unprovoked manner. Unlike that day, civilians were targets, as were the military, by a radical ideology which knew no national borders, only nations willing to harbor their fanatical Islamic jihad.

Unlike December 7th, while many Americans were reawakened with a new patriotism and love of country, many who called the United States of America home were disgusted by the "jingoism" and "nationalism" they saw, and, like the al-Queda hijackers, were intent to hijack 9/11 to promote their own radical ideology of "social justice (ie Socialism/Communism)" and "multiculturalism." They blamed the United States for the attacks of 9/11; in a heartless manner akin to blaming a rape victim, alleging they brought that brutal crime upon themselves.

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque is the latest example of the Left's War on Ground Zero, but it didn't begin with the Cordoba Institute, aka Park 51.

About the same time Communist front groups (aka International ANSWER) were starting protests against the upcoming War on Terror and "Blaming America First," what is now our Lapdog Media decided the footage of hijacked planes hitting buildings, and people jumping from the World Trade Center towers, was too disturbing for America to see. Thus began the process of making this nation forget 9/11, and lull us back to sleep, as well as divide America.

A Democrat front group called did the dirty work the national party didn't yet have the courage to do yet; begin the process of attacking any war against the terror mounted by their sworn enemy: President George W. Bush, seeking instead: "moderation and restraint" against al-Queda, Osama bin Laden's terror network. Liberals saw Bush as the real threat against America, not Islamofascist al-Queda terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.

A year after the 9/11 attacks, school districts across America (and Marin County, CA; home of American Taliban John Walker Lindh) were given a curriculum by the National Education Association for observing the one year anniversary of the attacks. The "curriculum" had nothing to do with patriotism, American exceptionalism, nor anything like that. Instead, the NEA curriculum dealt with self-obsessed navel gazing, alleged "inequalities" around the world, blame America first rhetoric, as well as denial about who was involved in the attacks of 9/11:

But another of the suggested NEA lesson plans--compiled together under the title "Remember September 11" and appearing on NEA's Health Information Network Website ( a decidedly blame-America approach, urging educators to "discuss historical instances of American intolerance" so that the American public avoids "repeating terrible mistakes." "Internment of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor and the backlash against Arab-Americans during the [Persian] Gulf War are obvious examples," the plan says. "Teachers can do lessons in class, but parents can also discuss the consequences of these events and encourage their children to suggest better choices that Americans can make this time."
In 2004, a fat bastard by the name of Michael Moore, the master of the genre known as "crockumentaries," used 9/11 not only to make money off the blood of Americans killed that day, but to promote the Democrat Party in the 2004 Presidential / Congressional Election. Democrats, like Barbara "Call me Senator" Boxer and Terry McAwful, shamelessly championed Moore's hijacking of 9/11 for political purposes. Never mind that the film contained many inaccuracies - it was an attack on the military and specifically, George W. Bush.

The first attack on the sacred grounds of 9/11 occurred the next year, in the guise of something known as the International Freedom Center. Sounds innocent, right? Think again. The project, funded by Leftists like Democrat Party sugar daddy George Soros, Alqueda Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) head Anthony Romero, as well as Tom Bernstein and Eric Forner, was an attack on Bush Administration post 9/11 policies, as well as "genocide of Native American genocide and the slave trade in the United States."

Showing leadership desperately needed in New York now, then-Governor George Pataki barred the center from the WTC site. Dhimmi New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as he does with the Victory Mosque, supported this Ground Zero Museum of Anti-Americanism.

When the first movie showing the first fight in the War on Terror--United 93--was released in the theatres in 2006, some had the audacity to claim it was "too soon" for movies about 9/11 to be made. Strangely, those voices were silent when it came to Michael Moore's lies, or the rash of "9/11 Troofer" movies like Loose Change, which were loony conspiracy theories similar to the various JFK assassination theories, or the idea that the Moon landings never occurred. The Left was intent on making sure America was kept asleep. When they weren't using 9/11 to attack America, the Left mocked the day, as did Mr. Barbra Streisand: James Brolin.

In radical Islam, American liberals and ACLU activists could find a religion they could finally believe in, because they both shared an enemy--The United States of America. A school district in Byron, CA used school time to study Islam, in a manner that Christianity would not be allowed to be taught. So it is no wonder that many American liberals and Democrats are siding with the Victory Mosque. The Obama Regime even added to the fire not just endorsing the mosque, but by making 9/11 a "Day of Service."

The Lapdog Media is also still implicit today in the attack on 9/11. Contrast the way the media has tried to link the Tea Party movement to a suicide plane crash in Austin, TX and false allegations of racial slurs against the Congressional Black Caucus, with the way the media tries to hide when radical Islam is behind another terror attack. MSNBC's Contessa Brewer was "frustrated" that the suspect of the attempted bombing earlier this year in Times Square was a radical Islamist. CNN said it was pressure due to the foreclosure of the suspects home.

Which brings us up to date with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Reuters today writes an article about today's protest, which portrays opponents of the mosque as "Republicans" and "bigots." The Associated with Obama Press (AP) refuses to use the words "Ground Zero mosque," never mind the building was hit with a piece of landing gear from one of the planes.

Despite all their talk of "tolerance," it is the Left who has been driving the divisions in this nation since 9/11. The Victory Mosque is not only their latest example, but also their latest battle in their War on Ground Zero.

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