Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Freedom Of Religion" Argument For Mosque Is Phony: Officials Refused Rebuilding Of Orthodox Church Destroyed On 9/11

The big argument used by liberal Democrat traitors in support of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque is that is all about "freedom of religion."

If that's the case, then why isn't the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church being allowed to be rebuilt?

From the March 18, 2009 New York Observer:
Back in July 2008, less than four weeks after state officials conceded major complications and delays in the World Trade Center rebuilding process, the Port Authority quickly pushed through a long-sought agreement with the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed on September 11, 2001. At the time, the deal, which involved the Port Authority investing up to $60 million to move the church’s land a block east, was treated as a demonstration of rapid progress in an era of new leadership, as Governor Paterson had recently ordered the revisions to the rebuilding timetable.

Now, it seems a final deal has proved more elusive than the Port Authority once believed. This week, the agency, which owns the World Trade Center site, said it is breaking off talks with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese after months of disagreement over details. (The Archdiocese said it continues to discuss a deal with the agency).

A Port Authority official said the agency is now planning to pursue condemnation in order to seize control of the church’s land, a move that would seem to open the door for a lengthy legal battle should the church choose to fight back in the courts. The collapse of the deal comes as a clear blow to the agency, which needs the land in order to build part of the Vehicle Security Center, a key piece of infrastructure for the World Trade Center.
So, as I said here days ago, don't lecture me about freedom of religion when a Christian church is not allowed to rebuild in the area, or people are sued for praying to the name of Jesus Christ in public.

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