Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dhimmi Charles "Icarus" Johnson Sides With Pelosi & Victory Mosque Planners

His journey to the Dark Side is complete (Right Wing News). But not surprising that "Icarus" sides with "Investigate the mosque opponents" Pelosi, since (like the San Francisco liberal) he fascistically cannot tolerate people who disagree with him.

Charles "Icarus" Johnson has fallen from this, written on September 13, 2001.

To a typical, knee-jerk, name calling liberal who shows his shallow intellect by calling 9/11 families and opponents of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque "the bigot brigade."
And yet you dare tell people "Never Forget" in your sidebar?

To show you how far off the deep end Chuckles the Clown has fallen, in this post from September 2001, he links to a posting....
...he wrote in April of that year called "Modern Life" about a "strange, very creepy experience" he had when he nearly hit someone coming out of a Culver City, CA mosque.

Today, he redirects the link to the homepage of Little Green Dhimmis.

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Larry Sheldon said...

Another waste of bandwidth.

Nothing useful to write aboout today?

Are you going to get over it soon or shall I just go ahead and move from the "must read daily" list to the posts about Johnson, ?Sullivan, and other such wastes of bandwidth?