Friday, August 13, 2010

David Dinkins Best Illustrates Liberal Democrat Arrogance

This photo is from a video outside the fundraiser held for corrupt liberal Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel in New York the other night.

The "man" in the pink suit giving the bird is former New York Mayor David Dinkins. He is flipping off a protester who yelled "Rangel is a crook," as he headed towards the Rangel birthday party/fundraiser.

The fact that Rangel has 13 ethics violations pending against him didn't prevent the Dem. nominee for New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, from attending, as well as the ambulance chaser turned Senator from Brooklyn, Schmuckie Schumer, and dhimmi New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Thank you David Dinkins, for illustrating to America the contempt Democrats have for those of us who call out their corruption.

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