Friday, August 06, 2010

Code Pinko Asks Obama For Pardon Of Traitor Bradley Manning (Wikileaks); Counterprotest Code Pinkos This Sunday

Code Pinko, the pro-Islamofascist terror group whose co-founder, Jodie Evans, was a top bundler for Barack Hussein Obama's 2008 campaign, is now asking for Bradley Manning, the traitor who passed along secret documents leaked by WikiLeaks, to be pardoned.

A Move America Forward E-mail said:
"CODE PINK is back at it again, this time they are asking President Obama to give a full pardon to the dangerous traitor Bradley Manning, the apparent WIKI LEAKS source!" said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the Organization.

"Last week dozens of military analysts and millions of Americans around the country were absolutely mortified that our military had a traitor in it’s ranks. A traitor who passed along critical information, knowing it would be made public, so that our enemies could use it to KILL OUR TROOPS.

"Shamefully, the terrorist-supporting anti-war group CODE PINK actually encourages this dangerous betrayal and encouraged more troops to come forward and put their fellow men and women at risk. CODE PINK wants to allow our troops to be at risk, and possibly killed, they are just as much traitors as Bradley Manning is." concluded Gonzalez.

This is not the first time CODE PINK has put the lives of American troops in such grave danger. The anti-war group has famously provided encouragement, comfort, and indeed material support to terrorists actively engaged in a war against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, is now calling on President Obama to give a presidential pardon to apparent WIKILEAKS leaker Bradley Manning.

CODE PINK is known to have provided over $600,000 in cash and medical supplies to terrorists, and their families in Fallujah, as well as years of providing comfort and care to the terrorists, the enemies of America and killers of U.S. troops abroad.

Members of the DC Chapter of FreeRepublic are planning to counterprotest the pinkos when they rally on behalf of the traitor at Quantico, this Sunday, August 8th. If you're in the area, go on out.

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