Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Classless Liberals Use Ted Stevens' Death In Plane Crash To Wish Death On Sarah Palin

Former US Senator from Alaska Ted Stevens was one of five people tragically killed in an airplane crash in Alaska.

Being that this tragedy happened in Alaska, it didn't take long for the supposedly all tolerant Left to show just how classless they really are. In one day, they've gone from attacking former Governor Sarah Palin's supposed "eye roll" at a phony teacher to wishing her death in a plane crash (images below, plus more at Conservatives4Palin).

Then there's this one...

And these liberals call Tea Partiers racist?

Stacy from C4P writes:
This is just a small sampling of the sort of hatred that the left and the Democrats dished out towards Governor Palin and her family in response to the nation losing one of it's most well-known senators. It is to their shame that nobody on their side has displayed the sort of leadership it would take to get that kind of hatred under control within their ranks. I do believe they are spiraling into a very dark place because nobody told them to STOP! Knock it off! No, nobody on their side calls them out at all. It is accepted behavior therefore they have allowed that hate to fester and grow.

This doesn't stop with Governor Palin, although I do believe she gets the worst of it. Many other Conservative leaders put up with this behavior from people who forgot how to just simply disagree. Well, if they won't call out their own side, we will. It is our responsibility to call out any American who losses their grasp of humanity for the sake of power. KNOCK IT OFF!

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