Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I Didn't Join The Conservative Apology Brigade for Shirley Sherrod

Based on interviews she's givens, she's shown that, deep in her heart, she is a racist, because she's looking at Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, the Tea Party and just about everything else through the prism of race. Not only that, just like a true Stalinist, she's advocating shutting down websites like Big Government "for the good of the country."

Bottom line: She does not deserve a government job, as Obama, as well as Vilsack, have shown they'll cater to base of Leftist agitators. Neither does she deserve our apologies and good will, especially after talking with slimeballs like Media Matters, who regularly use the same tricks Andrew Breitbart is accused of.

Andrew McCarthy just about sums up my feelings at The Corner on NRO.

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