Monday, July 26, 2010

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Thanks to Scott for the link and the write up about the whole lie being told by Andre Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus about the "n-word" allegedly being hurled by Tea Party activists. This is a story that should not fade away because it shows (like the JournoList expose) how much the media has not only become an activist media, but (to characterize Rush Limbaugh) a "Drive By Character Assassination" squad.

Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber--all examples of the media going out of their way to dig up as much information as they could in one day, but could not and would not spend even ten times the amount of time vetting the 2008 Democrat nominee for President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his radical friends and associates. Now Andrew Breitbart is new target of these drive-bys, because he brought down ACORN, and took on the NAACP/Congressional Black Caucus over their Tea Party smear.

And then there's the the way they've tried to destroy the Tea Party. First, the Lapdog Media ignored us, then they mocked us with the sexual slur "teabagger" or claimed we were organized by Fox News. We didn't go away, then they tried to call us "unAmercian," "Tim McVeigh" wannabes. Then, when they were on the verge of losing the Obamacare debate, they engaged in the worst kind of slander and smear tactic--calling a group of Americans "racist" simply because they dared to disagree with the far-Left agenda of the President and his party.

This is not the function of the media. They must continue to be called out and they must be stopped.

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