Thursday, July 08, 2010

Replacing Michael Steele?

After his recent "caught on camera" episode where RNC Chairman Michael Steele called Afghanistan Obama's "war of choosing," and a few other asinine things, I think it is time for Steele to hit the road.

We don't need the head of the Republican Party to sound like liberal Democrats during the Bush years. Regardless of who the President is, our troops need to know that the entire nation is behind them and support their mission, as well as victory. Defeatist talk should not be tolerated.

Besides, did Michael Steele realize we went into Afghanistan as a direct result of the attacks on September 11th, or is he too suffering from 9/11 amnesia?

Some think he should not resign. This most recent statement, as well as his other gaffes, means he should go, maybe not now, but after November.

The question is: who should replace him?

Gateway Pundit suggests Sarah Palin, and there is also a Draft Palin for RNC Chair website. However, I have give a resounding NO! to that suggestion. Palin, in my opinion, is worthy of bigger fish, that being she needs to be considered for President in 2012. RNC Chair is a consolation prize.

Mason Conservative suggests Karl Rove. Good choice, but the problem is that Rove was the architect of the re-writing of conservatism, under the guise of "compassionate conservatism." While George W. Bush did some good things (War on Terror, rebound economy from 2000 recession), he oversaw the biggest expansion of government since LBJ and tried the amnesty for illegal aliens route, which turned off many conservatives and independents.

I saw suggested elsewhere (and I would concur) that Liz Cheney would be a great choice for RNC Chair. She's gutsy, and an articulate spokesperson with Keep America Safe. She has name recognition, as daughter of one of our best Vice Presidents. Many have talked about a political future for her. This could be her ticket.

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