Monday, July 19, 2010

Racism At Anti-Illegal Immigration Protest

OK, NAACP and all these other groups who say conservatives, Tea Party members, and those who support Arizona are racist, I have proof here of racism at a rally supporting Arizona's SB 1070 at an Anaheim Angels baseball game.

But not the kind of racism you've heard supporters of the measure accused of.

Yes...instead, it is a couple of members of the Brown Berets, telling whites to "go back to Europe" and that they don't belong in America.
This Border that was placed here by American invaders was another idea of theirs to hedge us in, to divide and conquer us. We do not recognize or respect any foreign imposed border. We do not respect anyone who invades and yet dares to call its Natives “illegal”. Aztlan is our homeland, where we belong. We will reclaim it according to the ancient prophecies, and we will from henceforth determine our destiny.

The real illegal immigrants on this continent are the white Europeans that crossed an entire ocean, not Mexicans.

So, where is the real racism coming from?

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