Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Race Baiting NAACP Issues Threat To Tea Party Via Twitter

From Kristinn at FreeRepbulic comes the latest from the race-baiting NAA(L)CP:
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) posted a threatening warning on Twitter yesterday addressed to millions of Tea Party activists as news broke of statements by the NAACP accusing the Tea Party of being a racist group led by "hardcore white supremacists."

Msg to Tea Party: We will not allow u to send bigots into the Capitol, call civil rts heroes epithets & act like you didnt send em #NAACP101 about 16 hours ago via twidroid.
The New Black Panther Party has threatened the Tea Party-style rally being held by talk show host Glenn Beck on August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial.

The threatening message posted on Twitter by the NAACP refers to alleged incidents in March when several Black Democrat Congressmen accused Tea Party protesters of screaming "n*****!" at them at the Capitol. One Congressman also accused the
protesters of spitting on him.

No evidence or witnesses were ever produced to support the claims. No arrests were made, even though Capitol police were all around that day.
For more about the phony "n-word" allegation that the civil-wrongs group is using to slander the Tea Party, see my post from yesterday.

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